How To Obtain The Path of Evil Ending In Infernax

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infernax is a wonderful little indie game that harks back to the classic Castlevania while adding some modern touches for some much-needed quality of life. Simon’s Quest comes to mind immediately, but you know whether Simon’s Quest was any good. What really sets Infernax apart from others in its genre is its ending and morale system.

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Morale in Infernax is hidden from the player as every choice you make secretly shifts your alignment. Go too far to one side and things start to change. This is especially true if you are a hobbyist and take the evil path. We’ve already created guides on how to get the “good” endings in the game, but this time we’re covering the path of evil. Be prepared to do some pretty horrible things.


How to get bad morale

There are many opportunities to be evil in Infernax, and you will want to do the most – if not all. Not all evil deeds are immediately obvious, but we will cover all we found. Complete them all and you are on the right path to the path of evil.

location location answers
Possessed man Mandatory encounter at the beginning of the game Right at the beginning of the game you will encounter a man who clearly turns into a zombie. You have two options – kill him or spare him. Kill him and move on.
Steal from the church Darsov Church In the Darsov Church you can optionally donate 25 gold to help the poor. Refuse and then smash the box and take the money for yourself.
“Help” Genevieve Darsov Genevieve will ask you to help her husband, who lives in the house under Darsov. You won’t be able to do anything (good or bad) with this quest for a while. However, once you get the Hellfire spell (Kadjanto Fortress once you have the evil), complete his transformation into a demon.
Valeshire Bandits Darsov garrison In the Darsov garrison there is a soldier who will ask you to take care of the bandits who raid the Valenshire bridge at night. Accept the quest, go to the bridge and accept their bribe instead of killing the bandits.
Imprisoned Demon Near Arkos (Night) Go east from Arkos at night and find some villagers with a caged demon. Talk to the demon instead of burning it to make the demon murder all the villagers. Kill the demon afterwards.
Arkos Dam Arcos Go to Arkos and choose “Yes” when asked if you would destroy the dam. Go to the dam (southeast of Arkos) and smash the dam. Then return to the man.
Make friends with Robert Arkos Underpass East of Combleton Cemetery you will encounter Robert and his band of vagabonds. They will ask you to burn a holy book, which you will do before leaving camp. Continue east and find a man in a hut. He will ask you to hunt down Robert and Co. a way. Have a drink with Robert instead so the vagabonds murder James in his sleep.
Burn the villages Shore of Upel Teleport back to the shores of Upel and speak to the hermit in his dwelling (open only during the day). He will ask you to burn down all the villages in the game. Say yes. Go to each village (Darsov, Katski and Arkos) and use Fire Storm. Go back to the hermit to get your reward.
exorcism Darsov After conquering Stormheim, return to Darsov. You are asked to assist in an exorcism. Go to the sleeping chambers in the church. Instead of helping, kill the possessed.
Don’t help Caroline Katsky Caroline will ask you to help her with a skeletal problem. Accept the quest and go east from Katski until you find a house. Inside is a skeleton named Remus. Spare Remus and return to Caroline to find her body.

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How to turn evil

When you have done enough evil deeds, You will be approached by Phillipe outside his home in Arkos. He will give you a password for the nearby hideout. Once inside this hideout, you will be prompted to murder Hans in Darsov and to bring Jarvis to hide for sacrifice.

Go to Darsov and kill Hans beforehand Head west from Arkos to get the teleport spell (two umbrellas west, northwesternmost part of the zone). Finally, go to the house to the left of the Arkos Shrine. Use Teleport next to him to send him to the hideout where he will be assassinated.

as a reward you will give yourself completely to evil. Her mace becomes one swordyour armor will darkenand you become permanent lose your shield makes the game much more difficult. Not only that, But every time you save at a shrine, you will destroy it. Destroy them all to get even more evil (and unlock an achievement).

Remaining Evil Deeds

Just because you’re bad doesn’t mean you’re bad enough for the Ultimate Evil Ending. Its a lot to do. Go to Mount Katska and enter the second cultist hideout. You will encounter him on the way to Katska Palace Dungeon, so don’t worry about missing him.

Destroy the relic

You are tasked with destroying a relic hidden in the Katski Mausoleum. Just drive to Katski during the day, enter the mausoleum and assassinate the priest. once this is done, Destroy the relic and return to the hideout to get your reward.

Edgar’s sacrifice

You can talk to in the cultist hideout Edgar (after you destroy the relic). He will ask you to fetch John and Timothy for sacrifice. Go back to Katski and enter the house (during the day) next to that pharmacist. use teleport, and lead them to their doom. You have a choice as to who is sacrificed, but as far as we know it doesn’t matter who you pick.

last hiding place

Go to the last hiding place at the top Kadjanto Summit. A cultist will ask you to defeat Tancred and his troops on the Shore of Upel. Not only that, he also wants you to sink their ship! Teleport to the shores of Upel, defeat Tankred’s troops, and cast firestorm destroy his boat.

last victim

The final sacrifice quest is unlocked after defeating Tancred. You can find it in the Kadjanto Peak hideout. The cultists want you to find Julius and bring him to the hideout. Julius lives in Darsov and you will find him in the Church during the day. Cast Teleport near him to send him to his death.

How to get the Necronomicon

Assuming you did allYou are now ready to receive them Necronomicon. The cultist leader at Kadjanto Summit will tell you to meet up Robert in Combleton Cemetery. Agree to help Siege of Darsov. It can’t be that difficult, can it? Not correct. Make sure you save before you go because you’re in for a hell of a fight.

At Darsov you will be forced to fight several bosses Back to back before it finally starts Tancred. Kill Tancred and Robert will ask you to kneel before him. You can either do this and get a unique ending (NOT the end of the path of evil!), or kill Robert. Kill Robert and take the Necronomicon.

Go for it with the Necronomicon in hand Urzon Citadel and defeat the final boss of the game – Abaddon. Abaddon is not a traditional boss, and is instead a side scrolling shooter. You’ll need quick reflexes to turn it off. However, this unlocks the Ultimate bad endingalso known as The Way of Evil. Congratulations.

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