How To Patent An Idea And Sell It

Many inventors make tidy profits by selling the rights to an invention or design for which they've already begun the patent registration process. As you search for a buyer,.

How to Sell Your Invention Ideas to a Manufacturer for

As a serial entrepreneur, i’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons i wish i’d known when i conceived my first idea and began searching the internet for “how to sell a patent.”

How to patent an idea and sell it. This website is designed only to buy patents and sell patents online. You can sell an idea to a company without a patent. Learn how to market your patents like a professional patent broker with our monetization guide.

Sell your patents to big ole’ google, so that they can use it to make the world better. To patent an idea, start by downloading the forms required for electronic filing from the u.s. Patents listed for sale are automatically submitted to our buyer network.

The simplest way of turning your intellectual property into revenue is to sell the patent outright. To sell a patent, start by using online marketplaces and trade shows to advertise that your patent is for sale. In order to sell an idea, you will have to prepare all the paperwork relevant to it, especially technical documentation.

Elevator pitches are short, pithy explanations of your patent that will draw the potential buyer in and convince them that investing in your patent is a good idea. The nda would limit the company’s ability to use your idea without paying you for it. Inventors can list their patented inventions (or patent pending) for sale.

Jokes apart, the tech giant is in fact interested in buying your patents. If you have the right patent, many companies will vie for the rights, providing a quick payoff and eliminating startup costs. This is because when a patent attorney hears the question they.

You can monetize your invention by using a marketplace like flippa. A licensing agreement for a new product idea is a contract between yourself, as the inventor (licensor), and companies (licensee), where you grant them the rights to produce and sell goods, apply a brand name or trademark, use patented technology owned by the licensor, to manufacture, distribute and advertise your product as their own, while you receive a percentage of the. It may happen, but, in my opinion, this is not the norm.

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A preliminary patent search on will get you on your way. List of programs where patent owners can sell patents google’s patent purchase portal. The pros and cons of selling your patent.

If you really do have an idea that can become a product, you're ready to contact the patent office. August 17, 2015 at 1:04 pm. As with every business transaction, preparation is the key to a successful patent sale.

Patent auction lists patented inventions available for sale or licensing. A patent ensures that the inventor is the only one with rights to the innovation. Or if i could find someone that would be willing to invest money to get it to market that would be great as well.

Before you even consider approaching prospective companies to sell your idea, be sure you're clear in the following areas:. You need a way to stop them from stealing the idea from you. You can sell an idea for an invention without a patent, however, keep in mind that if you tell your idea or show your invention to a third party without having a patent over your invention, you risk them stealing your idea, using it without your permission, and potentially them patenting it on their own.

Im wanting to sell it. You also will only be entitled. How to sell an idea without a patent by lee hall, j.d.

Whether you directly approach a buyer, place ads or join listing websites, the methods open to you are virtually limitless. How to sell or license an idea? You’ll likely need to create a website to illustrate your invention idea in a more professional manner.

What is not given is the right to make, use, offer for sale, sell, or import the idea. If you ask a patent attorney if you can sell an idea, the answer is likely to be some version of no. Patent office will issue a patent only if you present a truly unique idea and demonstrate that your idea can be invented compile convincing evidence that an actual product is possible and probable.

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The basic strategy is to come up with an idea that you want to sell or license then offer it to someone. How to sell or license your idea without a patent? In today’s age, it’s possible to sell your invention idea whether it is an app, website or product.

Sell your invention idea immediately. The first thing you need to do before you look to sell or license your patent is to come up with an effective elevator pitch. Selling the rights to a patent has two main benefits:

Thus, you can make a profit without taking the financial risk of going through the patent process, handling the business functions and bringing the product to market. In this regard, in my opinion, it is statistically unlikely to patent then sell or license only an idea without more to another of any significant value. When you sell a patent outright, you trade your ownership rights for a certain amount of money.

How to sell patent pending ideas. Patent and trademark office website, and faxing or mailing in the completed forms to receive your customer number and digital certificate. A clever idea alone is not enough.

How to sell a patent. The key is to use the techniques that suit your … The owner can also sell the rights to the invention to a third party, making it the new owner of the patent with the same benefits the original inventor had.

Buy and sell patents on pathub, the online patent marketplace! After the time period expires, the protection ends, and the invention belongs to the “public domain,” which means anyone can use the invention as they see fit without worrying about. How to sell an idea without a patent by lee hall, j.d.

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10 tips for commercializing your patent when it comes to selling or licensing your patent, there are a number of ways to close the sale. When you have a patent idea, but lack the funds or facilities to carry it through, you can sell the idea to a large company. Alternatively, sign on with a broker to market your patent, but be prepared to pay them a percentage of your royalties for their work.

One way to do that without a patent is with a nondisclosure agreement, aka nda. Practice this pitch until it rolls off your tongue easily. The inventor of a unique and original innovation can apply to the united states patent and trademark office (uspto) to acquire a patent for the work.

For example, if you get a patent for baby formula, it doesn't mean you have the right to sell or market your baby formula before passing through lots of regulations and tests. When you sell your patent, you won't have to worry about marketing your invention or finding buyers. I have already patent on my idea.

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