How to pick up items while sliding in Fortnite

Fourteen days is a mechanically intense battle royale that forces you to think fast, continuously fix your mistakes, and adapt to the unpredictable meta. All of this is largely due to Epic regularly updating the game to accommodate the community’s desires to keep the game fresh, novel, and exciting for everyone.

The most exciting change Fourteen days What has been observed in recent years is undoubtedly the introduction of sliding mechanics. Gliding, introduced at the beginning of Chapter 3, is now a core Fourteen days Mechanics that always leave room for outplay and skill expression.

Although learning and perfecting the glide is non-negotiable Fourteen days Ability, even for casual players, it can be useful for completers and collectors, as with Chapter Three Season Three, Epic introduced a new quest that grants 15,000 XP once you pick up items while sliding. This quest is currently not available in paradisebut there is a chance it will return soon.

How to pick up items while sliding in Fortnite

Here’s how to slide in Fourteen days

Before we explain in detail how to pick up items while sliding, it is necessary to cover the basics of sliding. Slip into Fourteen days is a relatively simple action performed by moving in either direction and pressing a pre-assigned button, which is typically the right stick on consoles or the CTRL key on PC.

How to pick up items Fourteen days

Similar to sliding, picking up items is easy as all you have to do is approach the item and press a pre-assigned button again to pick up the item. On a PC this would normally be the E key, and on consoles your pick up button is on the square by default.

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While these two actions seem effortless on their own, when combined they become a mechanically demanding nightmare that can cause many of us to give up before we’ve even really tried.

The easiest method of picking up items while sliding would be to drop your items within a reasonable distance, slide by pressing CTRL or the right stick, and once you get close to the dropped items start pushing the E or Square button. Note that you shouldn’t stack your items in a pile as you won’t be able to pick them up as quickly as you need to. So it would be best to put them across an imaginary line, but still watch your energy bar.

If you’re up for a challenge, you can use the same tactic without first arranging items on the floor.

Since this is almost impossible in the heat of a fight, ideally you should try to complete this quest on an early rotation, as you’ll have all the time in the world to pull this off perfectly. Additionally, if picking up all three items at once is too tiring for you, you can do it by picking up one item at a time.

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