How To Play Clarinet With Braces

Immediately after getting braces, your mouth and teeth will feel sore and uncomfortable, and trying to play the trumpet might only make things worse. Can you play clarinet with braces?

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I tried every way, but my playing the clarinet everyday just reopened the whole every time my dentist closed it.

How to play clarinet with braces. Wait until you've had your braces a few days before playing the trumpet. Playing the clarinet with braces. Playing the clarinet isn't terribly different than playing without them, and it won't hurt or injure you braces or teeth if you continue playing the clarinet.

This is because clarinet mouthpieces require players to use their lower lip to cover their bottom teeth to make a sound. The challenges of playing woodwind instruments with braces differ from those of playing brass instruments with braces. You definitely do feel the vibrations more but it is very doable!

Yes, although it might be uncomfortable at first. My tone before was beautiful and my playing was incredibly smooth, and i usually got 1st chair in every band i auditioned for, but now i play with braces and i can't tongue as smoothly, my high notes come out squeaky and ugly, and my tone sounds horrible. Playing a woodwind instrument with braces.

Those who play a reed instrument like the clarinet, oboe, or saxophone, where the lips and tongue are in direct contact with the mouthpiece, will need a couple days to get used to the bit of extra bulk of the braces behind your lips. Painful for a couple of hours and then it goes away until. Braces can cut into your lower lip, but this should only hurt for a few days after you get them.

Saxophone and clarinet players adjust more easily to playing with braces because the area of the teeth that the braces are applied to do not come in direct contact with the mouthpiece. Woodwinds, especially those with reeds like the saxophone and clarinet, are generally easier to get used to playing with braces, while brass instruments, like the trumpet and french horn, prove to be more difficult. I never knew what it felt like to play without braces since i had them on for so long, but here's what i know:

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When i got braces, i played the saxophone. Proper clarinet embouchure dictates that your lower lip should cover your lower teeth and act as a cushion between your teeth and the mouthpiece. As the area on the teeth where the braces are fitted don’t come into contact with the mouthpiece, only minor adjustments are needed to continue playing with ease.

The whole point of my braces is to close the hole. I used to play saxophone (which has a similar mouthpiece) when i had my braces on both upper and lower teeth. It also depends on how sensitive your teeth are:

So i'm a freshman and i was 1st chair clarinet in the top band at my school, but then i got braces. I had braces for about six years and i played clarinet for a majority of those years. Here’s what you can expect if your child plays the clarinet and has braces:

I want my teeth to be pretty afterwards but it feels like i'm exerting too much pressure on them when i play and i'm afraid i'll mess them up as they're being shifted. The adjustment period will vary from person to person and will differ depending on the instrument you play. At first, it will be nearly impossible to play the clarinet standing up, and the player will be greatly helped by supporting the clarinet by bracing it by the bell held on or between the knees.

I say go for it! If she's keen on clarinet then there's no harm seeing how it goes. Yes, although it might be uncomfortable at first.

I was really worried that getting braces would not allow me to play my clarinet and now that i read your article, i have conquered my fears and convinced myself to get braces. Been playing clarinet for 6yrs, 1year with braces. Proper clarinet embouchure dictates that your lower lip should cover your lower teeth and act as a cushion between your teeth and the mouthpiece.

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Clarinet, oboe, and saxophone players may find it easier to adjust to playing while wearing braces than if they were playing other types of instruments. More painful and for longer / not at all sensitive: If your child uses a lot of mouthpiece pressure to begin with, this transition can be difficult.

I have to get braces soon too now, and i'm thinking about going with transparent colors so they are too bright but they are color and they look nice :d Braces can cut into your lower lip, but this should only hurt for a few days after you get them. The embouchure is the single most important technique you have to master in order to develop your sound and to play as effortlessly as possible.

The only problem you may have is when you get them tightened, then you might have some problems playing the clarinet for a couple of hours! Give your mouth a few days to adjust to your new orthodontic gear. The clarinet chromatic scale has been my personal goal and mission to master with good tone, steady rhythm, and consistent note response.

However, when you play clarinet, you're forced to press the mouth piece against your teeth. Not painful at all/ in the middle: I was just wondering if it's okay to continue playing the clarinet with my braces on?

Like will it effect the way my teeth will turn out? Can you play clarinet with braces? I’ve also used this particular scale as my gage for how my clarinet skills are jiving with my braces on any given day.

You'll probably find that your bottom teeth will dig slightly into your bottom lip. I wore braces b4 and play the clarinet, and you can reduce the size of the reed b/c when you get braces your teeth gets really sore sometimes but only reduce the size of the reed for 2 or three weeks v/c by then you`ll get used 2 your braces and your teeth will feel better, the hard part is also when you remove your braces dont worry you`ll b fine I thought maybe after a month i would.

Woodwind players will not have to press their mouths against a metal mouthpiece; I recommend you play the flute, because then you don't even have to worry about it. The timing for this moment couldn’t have been more perfect.

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Remember, upward pressing of the clarinet is critical, so the right thumb must constantly push up. ? tamara on july 23, 2015 at 11:34 pm The pain will decrease, and your comfort level will.

However, they will still have to make some slight adjustments after first getting braces. Having braces on won't make a difference, my friend who played clarinet as well had braces so you'll be fine with braces on. Clarinetists will experience some of the same issues as saxophone players when they first have braces.

Yes, you can play the clarinet with may take a little time to get used to, and you will need to make some adjustments to your embouchure however, given time you won't even notice the. Having played trumpet with braces, and having taught hundreds of students with braces, i can tell you that there is definitely an adjustment period when getting braces on and removing them. Those who play brass instruments like the trumpet, trombone, french horn,.

It was a bit sore sometimes if my braces had been tightened, but for the most part it was fine. I had just recently got braces and whenever i played my clarinet, it felt a little weird.

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