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Genji is a damage hero in surveillance 2, who uses a mix of melee and ranged attacks to harass his enemies. Genji can nudge targets from afar or use his multiple movement options to get in close to take out key enemies.

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Comparing to other damage heroes in Overwatch 2, Genji can be difficult to handle. In order to play this hero effectively, you must know that you must always pay attention to the battlefield and its fighters. Let’s take a look at each of Genji’s abilities and some tips and tricks for playing as him.

Genji Skill Chart

Capability description
Basic Attack – Shuriken
  • Damage per shuriken: 29
  • Ammo: 30 (consumes 3 per attack)
  • The primary fire throws three consecutive shuriken at the crosshairs, while the secondary fire throws a fan of three shuriken in an arc.
First Ability – Distract
  • Duration: 2 seconds
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds
  • Redirects all incoming projectiles back to the reticle without taking damage.
Second ability – Swift Strike
  • Damage: 50
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds
  • Dash forward, dealing damage to enemies on your way. Eliminating an enemy resets Swift Strike’s cooldown.
Ultimate Ability – Dragon Blade
  • Damage per slash: 110
  • Duration: 6 seconds
  • Unleash the dragon blade and turn your primary attack into a melee sword slash. Deflect and Swift Strike can still be used while Dragonblade is active.
Passive Ability – Cyber ​​Agility
  • Genji can double jump and run up walls.

Genji has 200 base healthand as damage herowins a Buff when eliminating an enemyproviding a Thrust on the move for a few seconds and reload speed.


Tips and tricks for playing Genji

Genji’s position on the field is determined by your team and the current status of the opposing team. For this reason, playing as Genji means being ready to advance or retreat to any position on the map, in no time. Here are some tips to help you understand the intricacies of Genji’s abilities and playstyle.

Combo up close

When he moves into close range, Genji has a powerful combo that can deal almost 200 damage in a very short window. Use alternate fire to Fan out your shurikenthen dash through the enemy with me Quick hitimmediately followed by a second shuriken fan or a fast melee attack will take most 200 health heroes down to very low health if done properly. Also, the target is removed from that combo Take Swift Strike off cooldownallowing you to move to the nearest enemy or escape.

The key to pulling off combos like this is using Swift Strike. When inclined to the groundYou will Decrease the distance traveled by the dash, allowing you to stay close enough to your target to hit them with a second shuriken fan or a quick melee attack. Alternatively, if you’re angled in the air, you can use Swift Strike to do so quickly escape from enemy attacks.

Flank the enemy

Genji does particularly well Close-up takedowns, making him an excellent assassin in the backline. To that end, learn when Flank the enemy and get an elimination When faced with assist or pesky damage, Hero can quickly turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Use Genjis Wall climbing and double jump skills get behind the enemy harass their healers, then quickly escaped with Swift Strike. Even if you’re unable to eliminate an enemy before you escape, you can easily do it if you’re behind their lines Scatter them wide enough to allow your team to advance forward.

Know when to distract

Genji’s Block ability is one of the strongest in his loadout, allowing him to do things other damage heroes can’t. Learn when to best use your Deflect can Save your team from powerful ultimates or abilities. Turn Zarya’s ultimate allows your team to quickly counterattack or deflect Pharah’s ultimate Save your team from the high damage of the attack.

Additionally, Deflecting a projectile with a recoil component like Road Hog’s Ultimate or Pharah’s Concussive Blast retain recoilwhich you can use, for example, to push the opposing team back against an Ultimate-looking Road Hog.

Learn your match-ups

Although Genji excels One-on-one combat against a variety of targets he has a hard time against certain heroes. Most tankespecially Zarya and Winstonto have high health pools that are difficult to blast with Genji’s combos, not to mention Attacks that bypass Deflect.

Learning which heroes you can reliably take down and which ones to avoid will demonstrate your usefulness as a Genji. Stay away from heroes with explosive attacks like Pharah and Junkratas the Splash damage from their attacks hits you even while deflected. Additional characters with Beam attacks like Mei, Symmetra, Moira, Winston, and Zarya are not deflectedwhich makes you more vulnerable against these heroes.

animation abort

Finally, you can go for higher level Genji games Animation – cancel some of his attacks with his Wall Climb and Swift Strike skills. Use Swift punch immediately after a Dragonblade slash will break the back half of the animationwhat allows you swing the sword again sooner.

Also, there is one lengthy animation when inserting the dragon blade that can be similar canceled by using Swift Strike or Wall Climbing while putting the sword away. Use this to your advantage attack again quicklyespecially if the opposing team wasn’t eliminated after Dragonblade.

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