How To Play Slayer And Best Loadouts In Splatoon 3

turn 3 is the epitome of easy to learn but hard to master. It’s the ultimate Nintendo game that has taken the popular series to new heights. This has led to an influx of players, and that’s always a good thing. Splatoon can get pretty hectic, and knowledge is often the missing ingredient on your road to mastery.

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One of the less explained aspects of Splatoon’s gameplay is the importance of team and team roles. Splatoon has three overarching roles: Support, Anchor, and Slayer. The main focus of this guide, as the title suggests, is the splat-loving deadly Slayer.

What is a hunter?

Slayers are all about covering the ground and landing splats. They are hyper aggressive and tend to favor shorter-ranged weapons that can quickly take down opponents. While each roll is required to earn Splats, Slayers are the driving force behind your team.


Should You Play Slayer?

Slayers are arguably the most difficult role in Splatoon. you need impeccable situational awareness and a high level of craftsmanship. Not only that but knowledge is also a key factor, as you need to spot key targets on the enemy team, pinpoint areas where you’re at a disadvantage, and understand enemy kits more intimate than other roles.

How to play Slayer

Slayers can play in different ways, but in general Slayers want to face the enemy and squirt. Mobility is key here, and get into dangerous situationsland the splat and can do both Move to your next destination or Escape is critical to your success. As a Slayer, you want to be Splatter for more than you get splattered.

Only because Slayers are excellent splatters doesn’t mean her lack of other responsibilities. Because they can often operate closer to enemy lines, They are also needed for pushing and covering. For this reason Many Slayer weapons emit ink quicklyand can claim territory very effectively.

as a huntress, You have to know when to resort. being spattered is destructive in Splatoon considering the The respawn timer is quite highand matches tends to be that short. If you can’t get a kill then you can dance and browse at the edge of your territory while waiting for an angle can be just as viable as rushing in. You want to do your job but greed will often lead to your downfall.

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Ideal locations

Slayers tend to have short-range weapons, making them ideal targets for enemies with range – especially enemy anchor. One way to reduce your range disadvantage is to take the hhigh floor. Height increases your range and makes it much harder for enemies to knock you out. Not only that, lots of guns like this one elevated areas. If you can pull the bottom out of them You double your return on investment. You’ve hindered the enemy team and you’re in a great place to move, splash and attack.

Best loadouts for Slayer

Slayers come in all shapes and sizes, but in general: They love to pack short-range weapons who can finish off enemies in a haze of inky goodness.

Aerospray MG

The Aerospray MG is one of our favorites does pretty much everything, and it does all of those things well. This thing wears sports short range and minor damagebut it has coverage for days and has one amazingly high rate of fire. The Aerospray MG can Hack enemies before they can react and withdraw huge chunks ink effortlessly.

This is supported by a large sub and Special. Bubbling Bombs are not the most harmful of sub, but they’re great for choking an opponent and allow you to draft in for the kill. That reef glider however, is the star of the show. This thing grants one amazing mobility and gets you right into the thick of the action. Not only that, because of him high kill potential and devastating AOEEnemies are forced to get out of the way – disrupt their game plan.

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Dark Tetra Dualies

Dualies are universally amazing Slayer weapons, all of which fit the bill to some degree. However, we would say that the Dark Tetra Dualies were one of – if not the best dualies for slayer. Having Dark Tetra Dualies great coverage (for duals), huge damageand more important, they are disgustingly mobile.

What makes Dark Tetra Dualies unique is their ability to dodge four one after the other instead of as usual two. That is a huge upgrade that can not be exaggerated. With practice, a Dark Tetra player can do this Running circles around enemy teams and quickly dispatch important targets. Not only that, they can Cancel jumps and squid rolls into these evasive maneuvers, giving them even more agility.

All that aside, those Dark Tetra Dualies pack an amazing set of additional abilities. Of course we are talking about hers sub and Special. car bomb is a great throwable object that can disturb and coerce the enemy Hide enemies into the open. That makes it a lot easier pinpoint threats and take out pesky enemies. They are particularly good at that Displace slow targets like Chargers and Splatlings.

That reef glideras before, is great for the Dark Tetra Dualies. Quickly (supplement to this already mobile kit), high damage, AOEand disturbing. The perfect combination for a Slayer.

Splattershot Jr

It’s easy to forget that early-game weapons in Splatoon aren’t necessarily worse than higher tier weapons. The Splattershot Jr. is the first weapon You get your hands on it and it is one of the best weapons throughout the game. it is incredibly strong, and this is made very clear by its pervasiveness in the online gaming landscape. The Splattershot Jr. has decent range and Damagebut one excellent rate of fire. This allows it splash and cover with ease – You just have to close the gap.

This is made much easier thanks to its solid kit. splat bombs are deadly when launched near an enemy and cover a large area. You are fantastic at it killing or disturbing Camping enemies like Charger or splash.

The Big Bubbler is great for pushing ground and holding positions. The shield is very powerful and can protect you and your team while unleashing your steady jet of ink. Getting to a solid position in the middle and popping it can lock down a large portion of the map. Just be aware that it can be destroyed with concentrated fire, and it will particularly prone to splatlings.

Reef Lux 450

Finally we have it Reef Lux 450one of the new ones stringers Weapons. The Reef-Lux is unusual because, unlike other guns we’ve talked about, it has a high(ish) rangeand a low(ish) rate of fire. Not only that, its projectiles are a A little weird to aim and land, do his Damage somewhat inconsistent at first.

However, The Reef-Lux is a great weapon that takes practiceand it even can kill fast once you start nailing these charge shots. It comes with the very handy curling bombleaving a trail of ink This allows you to get behind enemy lines with ease (especially with the Ninja ability on your gear).

The icing on the cake is this Tenta Missiles which are strongly disturbingand highly harmful. You can charge this special very quickly due to the great cover the Reef-Lux has and unleash it regularly. If you get a kill, great. If you didn’t know you forced an enemy out of position. Finally this special map wideso you can fire and forget if you like.

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