How to Play ‘The Sims 4’ for Free Right Now (and Forever)

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Like many people, I have fond memories of my addiction The Sims. was my favorite game The Sims 2but I got involved too The Sims 3 for a time. Somehow I broke the habit before The Sims 4 fell behind in 2014 and haven’t played much of the franchise since. However, it seems that EA pulled me back when The Sims 4 is now permanently free to play.

EA announced the news last monthand announced that they would be making the latest entry in their sims Catalog from this past Tuesday completely free. This is not a trial: you can download and play the base game without spending a penny. It’s a nice, if not shocking, development; sims Fans blasted the game before it started, with content missing from previous entries and downloadable content adding lots of old and new features, some felt the base game was never worth full price. In a way The Sims 4 was developed as a free game with the option to add it via expansions and game packs.

Of course some of us to have paid for The Sims 4 already, and EA doesn’t want to leave you hanging out. If you’re an EA Play or EA Play Pro member, you’ll get special upgrades for The Sims 4. The EA Play Edition of the game features the Get to work expansion packwhile the EA Play Pro Edition includes both these and those Toddler Accessories Pack also.

To be clear, this is the base game of The Sims 4. While that’s enough sims To get you going, experience just a portion of what EA has to offer. faithful the sims Formula has developed EA expansion packs to complement gameplay with additional furniture, clothing, pets, situations, storylines, weather and much more. Expansion packs include:

  • Cats & Dogs
  • city ​​life
  • cottage life
  • discover university
  • eco lifestyle
  • become famous
  • getting together
  • Get to work
  • high school years
  • island life
  • seasons
  • Snowy Escape

There are also twelve game packs, which are more incremental upgrades to your game compared to expansion packs:

  • to eat out
  • Dream Home Decorator
  • Jungle Adventure
  • My Wedding Stories
  • outdoor retreat
  • parenting
  • realm of magic
  • spa day
  • Star Wars: Journey to Batuu
  • StrangerVille
  • vampires
  • werewolves

By opening The Sims 4 free to all, EA will earn a pool of potential customers for these expansion and game packs (ah, there’s that other shoe). Sure, maybe never to intend to spend a dime on the game, but maybe you want to see the seasons as you play, or add restaurants to your experience, or send your Sim to high school. Suddenly you are hundreds of dollars (and hours) deep. Classic sims.

How to download and play The Sims 4 for free

Chances are you own something that can play The Sims 4. The game is available for PC, Mac, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

On PlayStation and Xbox, downloading the game is obvious. You can find the title in both the PlayStation Store and Xbox store free to download. However, things are a little different on the desktop.

Approach on both Mac and PC EA’s website for The Sims 4 here. Hover your mouse cursor over the blue “Play Free” button in the top right, then select either “EA App for Windows”, “Origin for Mac” or “Steam”. If you choose one of the first two options, you’ll need to scroll down, click the appropriate link for your computer (The EA App for Windows and Origin for Mac), then install and open the program.

At this moment, The Sims 4 on Steam is only available for Windows. you can play The Sims 4 directly from Steam without having to download the game first.

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