How To Play With Bots

PUBG: Battlegrounds has always prided itself on its status as a more “hardcore” battle royale – it’s a sentiment that attracts many players looking to show off their skills or just take a break from the competition, which is constantly adding new modes, intellectual property, and concerts.

The game’s transition to free-to-play has seen many new players come and go, but for those who want to stick with it and become one of the best pan-slinging maniacs on the battlegrounds, this guide will help you get started on foot , by maximizing their chances of facing off against bots.


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Why play against bots?

That’s no secret PUBG: Battlegrounds is one of the oldest battle royale games out there and is helping to start the trend in the first place. An older game means a more experienced player base, and it can be frustrating to constantly lose to players level in the high hundreds.

While not perfectly programmed, bots can allow players to have fun PUBG: Battlegrounds and learn which weapons they prefer in a relatively stress-free environment – guaranteed Not Be scammers, which certainly helps!

How to spot bots

While PUBG: Battlegrounds‘-Bots are useful for enhancing a player’s skills, but they still behave differently than any other player and can be identified as such by the following behaviors:

  • Deadly Curiosity: Bots always rush to loud noises like unmuffled gunshots, breaking glass, and car horns.
  • Strange usernames: Players also have strange names, but bots almost always have an underscore somewhere in their names.
  • lone wolves: Bots very rarely stay with their teammates – they almost always travel alone.
  • Difficult: Oddly enough, it’s extremely rare for a bot to bounce for any reason.
  • Just weird: After being shot, bots will freeze for a second before taking cover.
  • Bloodthirsty: If the player hides in cover, after a few seconds, bots will start flushing him out.
  • No license: Bots never use vehicles – if players hear or see a moving vehicle, a player is driving it.

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casual mode

There’s no shame in playing casual mode – all players have to start somewhere and with that PUBG: Battlegrounds offer three casual games a dayPlayers can use them to easily find a game guaranteed to have 12 real players or fewer, with bots filling the rest of the slots.

However, casual gaming has the following limitations that players should be aware of:

  • There is no level limit for participating in casual games – enemy players can be very high level.
  • Casual games always take place on maps that are as large as possible.
  • Casual games are all in TPP (Third-Person Perspective)
  • Casual games can be played with friends, and enemy players can also join the mode in squads.
  • Casual games are best played off-peak to minimize the number of real enemy players.

Turn off crossplay

This strategy works best for console players, but can still help all players get into a match where the majority of enemies are bots. Crossplay is enabled by default and can be turned off by navigating into Settings and unchecking the “Crossplay” option under the Gameplay tab.

Note that turning off crossplay increases matchmaking times significantly, but a bot match is typically created after just five minutes of matchmaking.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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