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When players first board Gotham Knights, they often need a guide that gets them playing multiplayer with friends. Although the game is based on co-op multiplayer, the method of unlocking multiplayer is not as easy as it seems. Players must first complete tasks alone in order to gain the ability to play multiplayer with friends. Although players can complete the entire game on their own, participating in a multiplayer game is helpful, especially when fighting formidable enemies in story mode.


Beginner player in Gotham Knights must complete hours of gameplay before unlocking multiplayer co-op. The game begins by introducing players to a world where Batman is missing Gotham Knights after his death. Players quickly get the opportunity to choose between playable characters in story mode. Regardless of whether players choose Red Hood, Batgirl, Nightwing, or Robin, they can unlock multiplayer at roughly the same pace. Once players have chosen a character, they must complete the tutorial levels to unlock the ability to play multiplayer co-op on the menu screen.

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Unlock multiplayer co-op in Gotham Knights

The multiplayer menu selection is visible throughout the game but cannot be used until players have completed the tutorial. Once this is accomplished, players can pause the game, scroll down to the “Multiplayer” menu option, and choose to host a heroic attack or engage in a quick match. These options put players into games with strangers, which can be helpful when facing off against each villain Gotham Knights, but these options are not always ideal. If players want to directly select friends to play with, they must now use the “Social” menu option to invite friends from their personal friends list.

Players can complete the whole Gotham Knights without playing co-op with strangers or friends. If playing with others isn’t appealing, players can try out the different characters that best suit their playstyle. Alternatively, when working as a co-op team, players can specialize their character to greatly increase team dynamics. For example, Batgirl plays like the classic Batman character from the Arkham franchise, Red Hood is a long-distance shooter, Nightwing fills the role of supporting character, and Robin is a stealthy acrobat with a folding staff.

Whichever character players choose, they’ll be able to take down enemies with such ferocity that it’ll seem like they’re breaking Batman’s only rule Gotham Knights. Playing multiplayer with a whole crew of friends increases the devastation of team combat and allows players to take down groups of enemies with ease. Once the players are well into the story mode of Gotham Knightsthe ability to play multiplayer co-op with friends makes the game fast and allows for a full Gotham City heroic experience.

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    Gotham Knights

    Original release date:

    WB Games Montreal


    Action, RPG, Beat’em Up

    PC, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Steam

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment


    Gotham Knights is a cooperative action-adventure beat-em-up set in a self-contained Arkham universe and unrelated to the other Arkham franchise games. Shortly after the deaths of Bruce Wayne and James Gordon, the city of Gotham was gripped by a crime onslaught. To put Gotham back on track, Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin and Red Hood join forces to create the Gotham Knights – heroes who will take Batman’s place and protect the city. Players navigate an open world of Gotham City while conducting operations at their headquarters, the Belfry. From here, players can choose missions and manage characters as they prepare to hit the town. Characters level up as they fight enemies, but to increase the challenge, the enemies will level up too – but the game features a full narrative outside of open-world crime-fighting. Gotham Knights is a next-gen exclusive and will be available on October 21, 2022.

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    Unreal engine 4

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