How to Post on BeReal

  • With BeReal you can post one photo per day, but you have to wait for the daily notification.
  • Once you receive the daily BeReal notification and open the app, you have two minutes to post a photo.
  • You can post photos to your private friends-only feed or to BeReal’s public Discover page.

Unlike other social media photo sharing apps, BeReal isn’t made for endless posting and scrolling. Instead, BeReal only lets you post one photo each day — and it’s pretty specific if It wants you to post that photo too.

Here’s how to post on BeReal and how the daily posting system works.

How to post on BeReal

The BeReal gimmick is that Each user can only post one photo per day, and they only have a few minutes to take it. This way you don’t have to spend hours preparing a perfect glamor shot – it encourages you to capture a random moment of your everyday life, without filters.

Every day at a random time (usually between 11:00 AM and 11:00 PM) you will receive a notification from BeReal with the title Time for BeReal.

The BeReal app's daily

You will receive this notification at a random time every day.

Be honest; William Antonelli/Insider

Every single BeReal user in the same general region of the world (Americas, Europe, East Asia, or West Asia) gets the same notification at the exact same time, and it’s essentially an announcement that you’re now allowed to post your photo daily.

The next time you open the app, it will instantly turn on your phone’s camera and give you a two-minute countdown timer. You now have two minutes to take a BeReal photo, give it a caption if you want, and then post it. You can add a caption after Upload photo too.

Within these two minutes you can repeat your photo as often as you like. But if the two minutes go by without you committing to an image, you’re missing your chance for the day. You must post a photo to see someone else’s.

An image captured in the BeReal app with the countdown timer highlighted at the top.

You have two minutes to post a photo.

Be honest; William Antonelli/Insider

BeReal posts can be public or private

By default, every photo you post on BeReal is only added to your private My Friends feed. This means the only people who can see your photo are those on your friends list.

But when you post your photo, you also have the option to make it public. To do this, take your photo, but tap before sending the small globe icon below next to your location. This will set the photo’s visibility to discovery.

An image captured in the BeReal app with the

You can post your photo on a private feed and add it to the public feed.

Be honest; William Antonelli/Insider

Posts set for discovery are also added to BeReal’s public discovery page, which displays BeReal posts from around the world as they are uploaded in real-time.

To view this page, simply open your BeReal feed and tap discovery above.

How to post a comment or RealMoji on BeReal

Besides posting your own photos, you have two ways to interact with others’ photos: comments and RealMojis.

Comments are exactly what they sound like. You can add a comment to someone else’s BeReal post by tapping the white speech bubble icon in the lower right corner of the photo.

Beat the smiley icon below to send a RealMoji. These are quick reactions you can add to someone else’s post by taking a picture of yourself impersonating a specific emoji.

The RealMoji menu in the BeReal app.

You must create a RealMoji by taking a selfie before you can post it.

Be honest; William Antonelli/Insider

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