How To Prevent Gum Recession With A Tongue Piercing

I'm not planning on having them my whole life. Also i'm a scientist, i work in a lab and no one here gives a hoot if you have 50 piercings on your face.

As an experienced dental hygienist, I’m often asked by my

Bioplast jewellery is flexible, soft and has been proven to reduce the effects of gum recession as the softer material is gentle against the gums and teeth.

How to prevent gum recession with a tongue piercing. Yes oral piercing (lips and tongue and cheek etc) does damage your teeth and gums to a great extend. The dentist can treat gum recession by cleaning the affected area properly. Constant irritation or impact from a lip or tongue piercing can cause the gums to recede exposing the roots underneath.

Tips to prevent gum recession. Brush and floss your teeth every day and see your dentist or periodontist at least twice a year, or as recommended. Bioplast jewellery is proven to reduce gum recession.

This type of jewellery does not interfere with the body's cells and tissue, and therefore can prevent gum recession. There may be a need to do some scaling and. Piercing of your lips or tongue can also cause gum recession.

Sunrise village dental clinic has several options to prevent receeding gums! Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, and a barbell piercing significantly increases your risk of experiencing disease. Gum recession gingival recession (receding gums) refers to the progressive loss of gum tissue, which can eventually result in tooth root exposure if left untreated.

I started to get some gum recession so i switched to rings which don't touch my teeth at all. A sports injury or other injury to the mouth or gums can also cause recession. Let your or a reputable piercer handle the downsizing of the jewelry since they can properly assess the length you need for your anatomy.

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Sports injury or other trauma to the mouth. Have a professional perform the piercing, and ask about their sterilization practices first. Rings and studs can cause it just as much, just depends on placement really

The bristles of your toothbrush can actually go 1 mm below your gum line to remove plaque that gets stuck there. Body piercing of the lip or tongue. Bioplast works best due to the consistency and flexibility of the plastic material.

Medical treatment for receding gums Use small circular vibratory strokes. Gum recession is when the gum’s soft tissue is literally worn away over time.

Functional orthodontics and traditional metal braces or clear aligners are all able to correct your malocclusion and prevent the likelihood of gum recession. A lot can be done to prevent and treat gum recession. Lip piercing generally causes friction on the marginal gum of the tooth and gingival recession effect, the base of the bead that holds the jewellery rubs against the edge of the gum, which causes recession and exposes the dental root.a gum graft will then be necessary to prevent the progression of the recession.

Many people find that wearing a ring in the piercing (such as ball closure ring, body spiral, smooth segment ring or circular barbell) prevents gum recession as the curvature of the jewellery avoids the gum area. There are some steps you can take to prevent gum recession. Try sticking to your ears for jewelry and keep your mouth free of uncommon elements.

It is advisable to visit the dentist often if one has a piercing. Many times, gingival recession is a result of a combination of factors and its causes are not always simple to determine. While the pressure from teeth grinding is transmitted down to the gums causing them to recede.

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Jewelry can rub the gums and irritate them to the point that gum tissue is worn away. Gum recession won’t be caused by the two weeks wearing a long bar. How is gum recession treated?

If you haven't had it pierced yet, your piercer should be able to place it where gum recession is least likely. Gum recession is most common in adults over the age of 40, but the process can begin in the teenage years. Do these apply to you?

Depends on the peron though. Over time, the jewelry can irritate the gum tissue and make it wear away, leading to gum recession. The best way to prevent gum recession is to take good care of your mouth.

This may lead the gum tissue to wear away. Additional causes of gum recession include the following: Any piercing in the mouth, including the lips, can cause infection.

Do about 20 strokes in one position before moving on to the other surfaces of your teeth. Use a segment ring (hoop jewelery that opens when you twist it) or exclusively bioplast tongue jewellery, such as barbells. This is referred to as “localized periodontal disease,” and is a serious risk.

For example, body piercing studs of the lip or tongue can rub against the gum tissue, causing. Piercing your lip or tongue and wearing jewelry in or around your mouth is a surefire way to irritate your gums. Tilt the head of your toothbrush at a 45° angle towards your gum line.

For example, a tongue or lip piercing can rub against the gum tissue, leading to recession. This is because the jewellery that you wear after piercing may get rubbed against the gums. Mild gum recession may be able to be treated by your dentist by deep cleaning the affected.

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In my experience as a dental assistant, the few times that a patient with a chin labret came into our dental office, they had recession of the gingiva (gums). One unfortunate patient had a severe infection from improper follow up care that they ha. Your dentist can monitor for changes and help ensure that your piercing doesn’t cause such damages.

Bioplast can be worn in the piercing. Some people notice recession within a few weeks of having their oral piercing. Barbell piercings tend to rub against your gums, which can cause irritation and lead to gum recession.

How can we prevent and treat gum recession ?

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