How To Process A Deer Hind Quarter

Like the cow, the deer offers numerous front and hind cuts, offering plenty of. If you do not especially like your venison now, try this boning method and you might be pleasantly surprised to find how boning enhances the eating qualities of venison, especially the round in the hind quarters.

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Hind quarter removal b on the inside of the carcass, make a cut that separates the back legs about midway on the deer.

How to process a deer hind quarter. The shoulder blades are obvious against the deer’s chest. Front shoulders, backstrap, tenderloins, and hindquarters. The process of breaking down the deer hind quarter however is largely the same.

If pork is “the other white meat,” venison is certainly “the other red meat.” although often overlooked at the dinner table, venison offers a lean, finely textured and robustly flavored meat with a high iron, protein and vitamin b content. If that happens, the weight will suddenly shift to the other side and the deer will probably slip free from the gambrel and fall to the ground. There are no heavy bones connecting the front shoulder to the chest.

To quarter a deer is butchering it in four parts: Baste the meat with the juices every 45 minutes. Meanwhile, use your knife to loosen the tissues.

This will get you to where you can begin to process the front quarter of the deer. Use a sharp knife to cut away the backstraps. Handle the first front shoulder.

Cut tiny 1/2 inch slits in the meat with a sharp knife and stuff in some garlic cloves. To separate the chuck meat (front quarters) from the round (hind quarters), use a saw or a meat cleaver and find the point at which the rib cage meets the backbone (it should be between the 12th and 13th rib). This time take the cuts individually off the bone rather than taking the bone out first.

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The deer processing method described here is basically one of boning. First 7 minutes is breaking down the hind quarter. A deer, elk or antelope hindquarter or shoulder cooked whole on the bone is a glorious sight.

Chef's advice on how to butcher a deer hind quarter. Unfortunately i was busy with the cow when he cut the front legs off, so this starts at the point where you have the front legs off. Method 2 butchering the deer hind quarter directly off the bone.

It does take some time—on the smoker, yes, but also during the preparation—to ensure the meat stays moist and delicious. The backstrap is one of the most prized parts of a deer. We explain how to butcher your deer and the materials you will need.

I cut it clear of the back ribs, short ribs, and hindquarter, then add to the stew meat pile. Honor the animal—and get better meals — by butchering your deer yourself On the hind legs, cut the inner thigh skin from the crotch to the shin area.

This illustration by artist nadia van der donk shows where the different cuts of meat come from on a deer. Be careful not to cut the tendon before the bone is severed, as that will cause the leg to fall free from the gambrel. With the front legs cut loose, remove the shoulders.

Like filleting a fish, if you make these cuts right, your backstrap will come right off. I like to start this process by first cutting away the skirt—that thin flap of meat that extends back from the ribcage over the gut cavity. If you are the happy recipient of a hind quarter of a deer, you are in for a nice treat from some delicious cuts of meat.

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Lay the marinated and spiced hindquarter on the rack and cover with fresh herbs & pepper. When possible, i like to hang my deer and start by making a cut around both hind legs then a straight cut to the cut you have already made when gutting the deer. You follow the natural seams in the meat to take off your individual cuts.

When it comes improving venison quality, knowing how long to hang a deer (or other big game for that matter) is vital. Skinning the deer will also accelerate the cooling process, as removing the outer layer makes it easier for the heat to escape. Cut through the spine using firm pressure with the cleaver.

Use your knife and make an incision down the spine. We leave the hind quarters attached to the pelvic bone during this final butchering stage. Once you have cut up to the front shoulder, you’ll cut the front shoulder away from the body.

Next, cut through the leg bone below the gambrel to free the hind quarter. Smoking a big, primal cut like this may seem imposing, but it’s actually easier than you might think. Venison is a fun change from the usual beef, chicken and pork found in most kitchens.

Boning a deer is neither impossible nor particularly difficult. Cut along the carcass to the rib, and work the knife back toward your first cut. The idea is to detach the area you are.

Simply slice underneath them, lifting the front leg as you go. These lay on either side of the spine. To get them off, the deer is hanging by it’s hind legs, and you simply cut straight up from the joint to detatch it.

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If the deer is still warm at this point, you can peel the hide down to the front shoulders. When processing a deer on your own, the connection you feel to each package you pull out of the freezer is unmatched. The front quarters and backstraps.

A hind quarter alone from a single. Once you’ve completed this part of the process, you are ready to move on to the next step. Split the backbone in half.

Drape fatty bacon across the top and around the sides of the meat, tucking it in. Pay attention to his recommendation for. If the deer is hanging upside down from a gambrel, you will start from the top and work your way down to the head.

With the deer’s carcass laying on its back, press down on both hind quarters to spread them wide. This process will be influenced by where you’re quartering the deer, either in the field or at home. Keep pressure on the quarter and pull away from the natural position as though you were bending the leg behind the deer’s back.

Once near the shin area, cut all the way around the deer’s leg being careful not to cut the achilles tendon.

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