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How To Process A Deer Leg

In this video, steven rinella walks through the process of breaking down a deer’s hind leg, and shows all the different cuts of meat you can expect to yield from your quarry. Continue skinning until you reach the base of the head.

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Carve a turkey with a few easy steps.

How to process a deer leg. You’ll filet the skin off separating the skin from the meat completely down the legs and the rectum of the deer. Opening the chest initiates the cooling process and gets the internal organs away from the meat, a critical step in slowing bacteria growth and keeping spoilage at bay. However, things change a little bit when you get to the tail of the deer.

Cutting the tendons will result in a $100.00 extra charge. Pulling the bottom leg downward will spread the legs apart. Your knife should be especially sharp.

To skin the front leg area of a deer, make a slit from the inner leg, near the shin, all the way to your already freed skin. Chef's advice on how to butcher a deer hind quarter. Once the meat is aged, lay out the carcass on a flat surface and cut through the backbone where it meets the ribs with a saw.

Work your knife down to one joint in the tail bone. You can't rush the process, and why would you want to? I did it for a couple reasons:

You follow the natural seams in the meat to take off your individual cuts. We accept field dressed full carcass deer with the hide left on. Cut deep into the deer along the lines that you can see in the picture below.

Deer leg how do you process sinew? It is important to try to skin the deer within an hour or two of the deer’s death, making the skinning process a whole lot easier. Lay the hind leg flat on the table and remove the sirloin tip by using the leg bone to guide the knife while cutting off the large chunk of meat.

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Deer need to be tagged properly. Pay attention to his recommendation for. Pack salt into the hollowed bones as well as between skin and muscle.

Use your knife and make an incision down the spine. The blood and gut pile will comprise 20 percent or more of a deer’s weight, too. Add the 3 tablespoons of fat to your pan.

Notice the large white bone (arrow). This second reason is more important than you might think. Once at the base of the head, saw off the head with a bone saw, hacksaw, or reciprocating saw.

This membrane encases the tendon which lies in a shallow groove down the. A deer’s internal organs need to be removed as quickly as possible for a variety of reasons. Lying just below the skin is a white membrane.

The deer leg and the surface of the water. Then sprinkle the surface of the water & deer leg with the pepper. The thin tag needs to be attached to the leg of the deer.

Cut along the carcass to the rib, and work the knife back toward your first cut. The process of breaking down the deer hind quarter however is largely the same. Coat and pack the legs in salt to draw out all of the moisture.

Like filleting a fish, if you make these cuts right, your backstrap will come right off. Then you’ll peel the whole deer skin down to the tail. Cut between the two legs until you hit the pelvic bone.

Slice down the back of the leg from knee joint to just above the dew claws and peel the skin back. With the deer hung from the neck and skinned, use your knife to make a first cut to remove the front legs. Here is another excellent youtube video from cabela’s showing you the hind leg butchering process step by step.

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Spread the newspapers out and lay the deer legs on them. Supposing the deer is hung by the legs, find the large tendon connecting the lower leg segment to the rest of the deer’s leg. When processing a deer on your own, the connection you feel to each package you pull out of the freezer is unmatched.

The backstrap is one of the most prized parts of a deer. How to carve a turkey. With skin free from your animal’s leg, separate it from the meat.

Cut one tendon on one leg and allow the two hindquarters to hang by one leg. Honor the animal—and get better meals — by butchering your deer yourself Make your incision at the front of the shoulder where the leg meets the ribcage.

If you already know how to butcher a deer leg, proceed to cut all around your deer’s leg and exercise caution to avoid slicing the achilles tendon. Next, wash the meat in cold water before hanging the deer from a meat hook in a garage or outbuilding to age for a week. Start at the knee cap and keep the knife in a vertical plane against this bone.

0 (0 votes) (0 votes). Loosen the tissue as you pull the leg away from the body. You will have to cut it wavy as shown to cut around bone.

The images are taken from this same video for easy reference. The wider tag is the transportation tag and would be attached to the head. To remove the sinews, you need a sharp knife or a good sharp flake of flint.

On the underside of the leg, cut the hide lengthwise to the hoof. To butcher deer, start by skinning the deer, and removing the hooves and organs with a knife. Cut the inner thigh skin from your deer’s crotch to its shin area.

Pay special attention to the area around the dew claw so as not to miss any crevices. First of all, it's important to pick the right meat for this process. Now take your time and cut the hide away from the bone, working your way to the hoof.

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(if you are unfamiliar with this process you may want to ask the hunter or processor to do this for you the first time and show you how.) However, when you process the entire deer in the field, it gives you the option to bring home only the parts your family will use while the remaining parts are left to feed scavengers and nourish the soil where the deer lived and died. Begin working from the deer’s top down to its head.

Do not hindquarter leg tendons. Use the knife and cut the hide around the knee. First 7 minutes is breaking down the hind quarter.

Remove the leg from the deer. Cut leg so it will fit in a roasting pan with lid.

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