How To Protect Intellectual Property In South Africa

Aalia manie a partner in the technology, media, telecommunications and intellectual property practice at webber wentzel, shares how you can protect your intellectual property in south africa. Registered intellectual property (ip) rights serve as an incentive to reward innovation by providing ip creators and owners with the time and opportunity to exploit their creation.

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The government has earmarked the ip policy as one of the core elements needed to thrust south africa toward a knowledge economy.

How to protect intellectual property in south africa. The grant of a south african patent gives a patentee the right to prevent in south africa, other persons from making, using, exercising, disposing of, offering to dispose of, or importing the patentee's invention. Should you patent, copyright or trademark your idea? Infringement includes all forms of using the patented invention.

A lawyer would be able to prescribe some adequate measures to take in order to protect your business. For south africa’s intellectual property framework to protect all types of indigenous traditional knowledge against exploitation since financial considerations are the basis for the protection of indigenous traditional knowledge. Ipr and south africa’s innovation future 11 2.

An ip attorney will be able to guide clients through application and action proceedings, as well as interdicts and royalty claims. Stay smart about south africa. And is capable of being used or applied in trade, industry or agriculture.

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Intellectual property law in south africa refers to all legislation concerning patents, designs, trademarks and copyright protection. This topic contains articles which examine intellectual property legislation and the latest regulatory and judicial developments concerning the ownership and infringements of patents, designs, copyrights and trade marks. It is meant to protect the intellectual property of legal entities, as intellectual property can also carry significant value and is thus vulnerable for exploitation by outside parties.

The legal definition of intellectual property is broad and inclusive of many areas, such as music, inventions, law, etc. Patent law is very well developed. By guest post on may 2, 2017 east africa, features, north africa, southern africa, west africa in the wake of last week’s world ip day, microsoft 4afrika’s corporate affairs director louis otieno explores the state of intellectual property (ip) rights in africa.

“something must fall within the ambit of an ‘invention’ in order to be patentable. You should consider how to manage or protect your intellectual property (ip) if you are thinking about:exporting to south africa South african legislation has been put in place to protect people’s rights to own their creative products;

The south african constitution already protects intellectual property rights (ipr) from arbitrary deprivation and in recent decades, south africa has made significant strides in the just protection, administration, management, and deployment of ip. There are various types of intellectual property: Inventions, images, logos, and the goodwill of your customers are often your most valuable assets.

To safeguard our intellectual property (ip) rights. The rationale for the examination stems from a draft policy and bill for public comment published by the south african Trade marks, patents, designs, copyright (films only).

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Cipc administer the following ip domains in south africa: In this guide, we’ll be looking at how to protect your mobile app or software. Federal and state intellectual property laws can be complex, but there are low cost and common sense steps you can take to protect your intellectual property today.

10 best ways to protect your business idea in south africa. The other main purpose of ip law, and the mission of ip law firms operating across africa, is to encourage the creation of intellectual giving people and businesses property rights to. Related content free news alerts

The south african patents act excludes computer programs “as such” from the definition of “inventions”, says aalia manie a partner in the technology, media, telecommunications and intellectual property practice at webber wentzel. South african government let's grow south africa together When a business creates value around an idea, process, brand or product, it can protect this value and prevent other people from benefiting from it financially by registering their intellectual property rights.

Latest intellectual property law news. Nothing beats professional legal advice when trying to protect your business idea from intellectual property or idea theft. The south african government recently approved the first phase of the long awaited intellectual property (ip) policy, after incorporating input from the stakeholders’ submissions and representations.

Provides advice on ipr protection, including information on the registration of patents and trademarks. Legislative framework around south africa’s ipr 2.1 statutory provisions the patents act 57 of 1978 provides that a patent may be obtained in south africa for an invention that is new; South africa is a key emerging market for uk business.

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Such protection extends to everything from an idea, a name or an invention, amongst others.

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