How To Protect Patio Furniture In The Fall And Winter

As we sadly say goodbye to sunny beach days, we welcome sweater weather with open arms. Finally, September is still pleasant enough for al fresco dining, and the weather hasn’t turned for the worse yet. This is exactly why it is also the best month to weatherproof your patio furniture for autumn and winter. Of course, you might be wondering: Isn’t outdoor furniture already weatherproof? Not quite, says Gary McCoy, store manager at Lowe’s. “Cold temperatures, snow and ice can damage patio furniture if not properly stored or protected,” he warns.

When deciding whether your patio furniture needs protection from upcoming snowstorms and hailstorms, consider the material. According to McCoy, metal furniture is at risk of rusting while wicker materials can decompose during the harsh winter season. Also, wooden furniture can splinter when exposed to extremely cold temperatures. “While durable materials like metal and teak can withstand many outdoor elements, all materials degrade over time through constant exposure to extreme weather conditions,” says Andrea Rathborne, creative director of product design at Article. Also ideally Everyone Outdoor furniture should be moved to an enclosed area such as a shed, garage, or storage unit. “If indoor storage isn’t an option, moving your outdoor pieces to a covered area will be a huge help,” adds Rathborne.

Whether you’re short on storage space or want to preserve the look of your furniture, there’s a range of products that will protect your patio furniture from falling acorns, snow storms and more – here are our favorites.

The best products and tools for weatherproofing outdoor furniture

Easy to build storage sheds for all your outdoor supplies

If you don’t want to invest a lot of money in building a custom shed, McCoy recommends these low-maintenance sheds from Craftsman, which are easy to assemble and a great option for storing patio furniture during the fall and winter. These sheds are made of multi-walled resin panels, characterized by strength and durability in all weather conditions. They vary in size and price, but it’s easy to score one for less than $1,000. “Although the cushions are made from waterproof fabrics, they are not waterproof. Especially in rainy climates, moisture that gets trapped in pillows and never dries out can lead to both mold and odor,” says Rathborne.

A reliable sealant to keep wooden furniture in top shape

Protect wooden patio furniture for years with a wood preservative like Cabot. This waterproof and weatherproof seal protects against mold, mold stains, UV rays and algae. “Moisture is the worst enemy of wooden furniture. If left unsealed, moisture can seep into the cracks and burrs, causing the wood to crack as it freezes,” says McCoy. A clear coat protects your favorite pieces, which can later be easily cleaned with soap and water. Apply this sealer not only to wood, but also to stone, masonry, brick or concrete for extra protection in autumn and winter.

Ventilated furniture covers and tarps

Duck Covers Ultimate Mocha Cappuccino Polyester Chaise Lounge Cover

From sofas to chairs, cover every piece of patio furniture with furniture slipcovers or tarps before the first snowstorm of the season. Pro tip: “Make sure both furniture covers and tarps fit snugly against your furniture so that rain, snow, and sleet can get in only minimally,” says McCoy. Tarps are a more budget-friendly option, while furniture covers are generally designed to fit the pieces more closely. Also, choose covers with ventilation holes to keep air circulating, says Rathborne. “This prevents moisture from building up inside and ensures you don’t end up with a parachute around your product when the winter wind picks up,” she adds. This special chair cover costs less than $50 and is specifically designed to protect a chaise lounge from inclement weather.

A waterproof outdoor TV cover

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor TV installed, protect it from the elements all year round with this waterproof and weatherproof cover. It’s available in eight different sizes – with the smallest fitting 28-32″ TVs and the largest fitting 80-85″ TVs – allowing you to choose a near-custom fit. Not only is this best-selling case made from waterproof fabric, it also features velcro straps to securely attach the case and pockets to store remotes, cords and more.

A practical, portable, collapsible hand truck

Give your arms a rest with a furniture mover like this one. Rolling carts like this one are useful for moving smaller pieces of furniture, like a chair or a folding table, into a garage or shed. This model can support up to 500 pounds and is up to 2 feet long, making moving patio furniture off the patio a breeze.

Outdoor cushion covers to withstand tears

Whether you’re transporting outdoor cushions to a shed, garage or basement, keep them protected with this stylish bag. What makes this product of plastic storage containers or duffel bags unique is that it is constructed to be abrasion resistant and completely water and mildew resistant. As your outdoor cushions will likely be stored for up to six months, the extra layer of protection will keep them in tip-top shape for those warm, sunny days.

A water-repellent textile cleaner and protector

While you can absolutely clean furniture with a soft cloth, mild dish soap and warm water, the same cannot be said for outdoor fabrics. This is where this ingenious cleaning duo comes into play. The fabric cleaner quickly removes dirt and stains from all outdoor fabrics (like polyester, canvas and acrylic), while the accompanying protectant promises to restore the water-repellent and stain-resistant properties of the same fabrics without altering the look or feel of the material. Use these all year round, but especially before storing cushions, cushions and rugs for the fall and winter.

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