How to Quickly Reset Your Data and Location Access Permissions on iPhone

In iOS 16, Apple added a new security verification feature that aims to make it easier for users to quickly reset any data and location access they’ve given others. Read on to learn how it works and how to use it.

Apple Privacy Yellow
Safety Check is a new option in “iOS 16” that allows you to monitor and reset any access to your data and location that you have granted others. Apple says the idea behind it is to help people in domestic or intimate partner violence situations. How to use the function.

  1. start the settings App on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap through Privacy & Security.
  3. Scroll down and select security check.

The opening screen of the security check gives you two options: emergency reset and Manage sharing and access. (Note that Fast exit Button that takes you straight to the “iPhone” home screen in case you risk being caught using it.)

Table of Contents

emergency reset

Emergency Reset is a one-tap option that can protect your iOS device in just a few clicks.

Reset ios 16 security check emergency

Using emergency reset will immediately stop sharing everything with everyone and apps. This includes things like location information, activities, home data, photo albums, and more.

Emergency Reset also allows you to remove all emergency contacts from your “iPhone” and reset your Apple ID and password so no one can log into your account.

manage sharing

If your situation is not an emergency, you can use the Manage Sharing and Access option. This includes a walkthrough to help you see an overview of what you’re sharing so you can’t be secretly tracked or monitored using location sharing, shared albums, or other “iPhone” features.

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Manage iOS 16 Sharing

These screens provide information about who you share data with and what data those people have access to, along with the apps that have access to your data. You can select people or apps and select Stop Sharing option to turn off sharing immediately.

There’s also a list of any third-party apps you have installed and what data they have access to, along with tools to disable that access. You can see what permissions an app has on an individual basis or based on data like Bluetooth, location, contacts and more.

Manage iOS 16 sharing 2

Finally, Manage Sharing can tell you exactly which devices have your iCloud account signed in and give you the option to sign out, reset your Apple ID and password, and disable emergency contacts.

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