How To Raise Weapon Proficiency In Valkyrie Elysium

Increasingly knowledge of weapons in Valkyrie Elysium is in many ways the beating heart of this game. By fending off thousands of enemies to grow stronger, the Valkyrie’s powers can be enhanced through upgrades, skill trees, and consumables. but nothing screams Valkyrie Elysium quite like the automated power surge brought about by one-woman warfare.

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If it’s automated, why use a guide? A valid question, but we have an answer: Because there’s a golden rule for improving weapon proficiency that can make things that little bit easier (and more importantly, less of a hassle and time-consuming). We’ll also briefly discuss the gem-based weapon upgrades that can infuse your blades with even more oomph. (‘Oomph’ may not be the official word, but it gets right to the point.)


The Basics of Weapon Skill

The number of weapons you can obtain in Valkyrie Elysium depends in part on whether you purchased the game physically or digitally, and also whether your digital copy is the Deluxe Edition. The former unlocked Alscir; the latter unlocked Svartaljr.

So their total number is between six and eight; Players start the game with Alfodrthen received Bolverkr, Balegyr, Gagnathr, Herteitr, and Sidgrani.

That might be a lot of Norse names without crucial context, but the important thing to understand is simply that you’ll have a collection of weapons halfway through (as long as you complete sub-quests, since two of the above are found through them). As each weapon starts at G rank proficiency and progresses to F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS and SSS With usage, that’s a long road from start to finish.

The power level partly determines the strength of the weapon. Or maybe it’s fairer to say the Valkyrie’s familiarity with it, ergo the way the game is played, that her damage output increases to match her wits as she becomes more skilled. The amount of experience required to move from one rank to the next can be seen on the menu screen. Experience is gained by hitting enemies instead of killing them, so each successful hit is included on the steep path from G to SSS.

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How to skillfully increase weapon skill

Since skill progression is hit-based, it stands to reason that the more enemies you hit in a given mission, the faster you’ll level up. Aside from that, A mission that can be completed quickly and repeated with similar rapidity will be much more effective than longer drives, so main chapter quests are out of the question. So subquests are the way to go.

Subquests will always be much faster affairs. But not all subquests are created equally. Each chapter has at least a few subquests, and you’ll get a feel for how fast you’ll take down monsters the first time through the course. The first sub-quest, “Mother’s Ring,” for example, doesn’t really have a ton of souls to cleanse, so don’t hit them nearly enough with your chosen weapon to make it worthwhile.

The most common refrain in fandom right now that we can only agree with is that the sub-quest is unlocked in the early game ‘My hometown’which unlocks after Chapter Two and takes place in the Be’elze starting area is a top choice. The goal of this sub-quest is to eliminate a significant number of enemies. No more, no less. You’re also limited to the castle town area of ​​the map, so you shouldn’t have much trouble prance from one fight to the next.

The stronger you get, the faster these enemies fall in the early game, until you end up feeling like an overpowered Dynasty Warriors character (and if you don’t get the reference, substitute ‘you’ for those words with ‘anything, anywhere, at one’ hit’). But your guns don’t particularly care that this is a no-brainer; You will rank up relatively quickly due to the carnage.

Of course, if you get tired of the same map, you can always grind elsewhere. There are other subquests that involve a lot of violence (and little else). It’s just that My Hometown is weak enough to speed things up, and that’s pretty nice considering how many ranks there are per weapon.

Associated with increasing competence is the ability to do so improve weapons, which is only possible with safe crystals. With the right gems, you can increase their physical and magical power. If you’re not able to get the right gems, don’t worry – you probably don’t have access to these gems yet since you haven’t reached the area where they are located. (Azure Gems are the earliest example of this, as you can’t acquire them in Be’elze, but you can in the Galdban Territory beginning in Chapter Three.)

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