How To Read Gas Meter At Home

You can convert this number to megajoules by using the following formula: While your meter will be officially read by your utility company to determine your heating bills, being able to read your meter can help you gauge the natural gas use for your home or business.

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Plants, shrubs, snow and debris can block the dial face or pathway to the meter.

How to read gas meter at home. Gas is an expensive commodity and sadly, prices are only going up. If the winter has been especially cold and you have been cranking up your thermostat, you can tell if you are going through gas faster than usual. Learn how to read your gas meter accurately in this short video.

If your meter has two readings marked with an l and h, read both, left to right. Your latest gas reading should then be displayed. Looking at dials from an angle can distort the reading.

Unfortunately, less than 10% of home owners actually read out their gas meter themselves. When reading a gas meter, read and write down the numbers as shown on the dials from left to right (opposite of an electric meter). Then, record the numbers on the rest of the dials the same way, working from left to right.

The correct reading is 4545 hundred cubic feet (ccf). Being able to read your gas meter can cut a $700 gas bill in half. Keeping a clear path to your gas meter not only helps peoples employees performing routine maintenance but also allows emergency responders quick access should the need arise.

Read your meter dials from left to right. Calls may be monitored and/or recorded for security, quality or training purposes. We explain how to read your gas meter.

This is a shame as it could help reduce consumption. When reading your flonidan smart gas meter, your meter reading should be displayed automatically on the default screen. Your home will have either a dial meter or a numeric meter.

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Stand directly in front of your meter. If the hand is between two numbers, always select the lower number. The previous meter readings on your bill will indicate which is a 'day rate' and which is a 'night rate'.

If the dial hand is exactly on a number, look at the dial to the immediate right. How to read your electric and natural gas meters standard electric and gas meters. How to read your flonidan g4szv smets2 gas meter:

Flondian g4szv smets2 gas meter. If you have left the screen, use the ‘left’ and ‘centre’ buttons to get back to the home page. The display is not something you can take meter readings from, as it simply shows you the amount of electricity and gas you’re using on a basic level (it may tell you that your electricity use is ‘high.

To accurately read your natural gas meter, follow the steps below: If you have a dial/clock meter it will have six dials. When the hand is between 9 and 0, then 9 is considered the lower number.

Read each dial in the direction shown by the arrows. Read the dials left to right. A digital metric meter has a display that shows 5 numbers followed by a decimal point and then some more numbers.

If you have a digital meter where you can directly read the numbers (digits) like in the diagram below, read all the figures as displayed on your meter from left to right (including zero's if displayed) and ignoring any digits to the right of the comma, (or on some meters ignore the digits in the red box). If the dial hand is between numbers, use the smaller of the two numbers. Never tie (tether) pets to gas meters, or use gas meters to hang garden hoses or other tools.

As gas is pulled from the mains supply, the meter measures the volume that is drawn in cubic meters (³) or cubic feet and records and displays the usage via a set of dials on the front of the meter or as a read out on a screen if you have a smart meter. Your gas reading should automatically be shown on the meter’s screen in m 3. To read an analog gas meter, start by looking at the dial on the far left and recording the number that the needle is pointing to.

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Gas and electricity meters are the key to you getting accurate bills, as they measure the amount of energy you use. Read the dials from left to right if the dial is between two numbers, always round down to the lowest number. If the needle is between two numbers, choose the smaller number, even if the needle is closer to the larger number.

If its dial hand is not past zero, record the lower number for the dial in question. When the pointer on the dial is between two numbers, always record the lower number. The meter read can be read from left to right, including all leading zeros.

It should be a number preceded by a large 'v' and followed by 'm3' if you have cycled off that screen, you can use the 'left' and 'centre' push buttons beneath the screen to. If the dial is between 9 and 0, round down to 9. If your meter has more than one row of figures, write down all the numbers from left to right in each row, ignoring any numbers in red or in a red surround.

Providing accurate meter readings will help us to provide you with an accurate gas bill. If you don't have a smart meter, it's important to take an accurate meter reading from your gas meter and send it to your energy supplier on a regular basis. Reading out my smart gas meter with a raspberry pi zero.

It is important to note that on both types of meters, the hands of adjacent dials turn in opposite directions to each other. To take your meter reading, you'll need to read the four dials on the bottom row. How to read a meter:

If you have this meter type, submit both numbers. To read this type of meter write down the first 5 numbers shown from left to right and ignore the numbers after the decimal point, which are usually shown in red or lighter colour. To read your dial (clock) meter:

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To find out the amount of gas used in your home, record your meter reading at the start of your billing period and subtract the number from the meter reading at the end of your billing period. This will show the meter reading in kilowatt hours (kwh) for electricity, and cubic meters for gas. If your smart electricity meter is on an economy 7 tariff (where you pay a standard price during the day and a lower rate for 7 hours overnight), press ‘6’, then press three more times until you can see ‘imp r01’.

If the dial hand is between the numbers, use the lower one (if between 9 and 0, read 9). Turn on the meter’s screen by pressing ‘select’. After seeing my personal gas bill skyrocket last winter, i decided to take matters into my own hands and learn how to read a gas meter.

In the illustration, the first dial on the left registers 4, the second 5, the third 4 and the fourth 5.

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