How to Recreate the Color Grading of ‘The Last of Us’ in Premiere Pro

HBO’s The last of us was a smash hit for the network, with the season one finale drawing a season-high viewership of 8.2 million despite premiering against the Oscars. The popular TV adaptation of Naughty Dog The last of us The PlayStation game has proved popular for many reasons, not the least of which is its compelling and cinematic visuals.

The appearance of a television show or film largely depends on its color, and therefore its color grading. The process of adjusting the colors of video footage, known as color correction, is the manipulation and adjustment of colors in a video to affect mood and elicit a desired emotional response. The difference between a scene being warm and cool can drastically alter the feelings it evokes.

As seen from fstopperYouTube channel Premiere Basics created an Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial aimed at recreating the impressive color grading technique from The Last of Us.

Jordy Vandeput, CEO of movie theater and star of the video, written by Tymon Reynders, wanted to show off his video editing skills and show HBO that he should fill the vacant position as colorist for the highly anticipated second season of The last of us.

Premiere Basics Color Grading from The Last of Us

Vandeput used Premiere Pro’s Lumetri Color and Lumetri Scopes tools to do this. With these tools, it’s easy to color grade a video to match a reference. It’s even possible to place the edited video next to the reference video in the Premiere Pro workspace.

After presenting the tools needed for color correction to match two videos in Premiere Pro, Vandeput highlights a video editing plugin called CineMatch. The tool uses proprietary “Sensor Matching” technology to make color correction faster and easier.

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Premiere Basics Color Grading from The Last of Us

This is far from the only Premiere Basic YouTube tutorial video on color correction. There are 10 excellent tutorials available in this particular color correction playlist.

For readers who can’t get enough The last of usPremiere Basics also has a tutorial that teaches viewers how to create the spooky introduction sequence from the show.

There is a lot of overlap between video games such as The last of us and photography and videography. Last year, PetaPixels spoke to virtual photographer Frederic Verdicckt about the skills needed to create beautiful images in games such as The last of us.

Some, like interdisciplinary artist Sam Bulleit, are even bringing virtual photography into the real world. Bulleit created true cyanotype prints using clever virtual photography skills in the PlayStation game Spirit of Tsushimaa game known for its immersive, realistic camera tools.

Other games even use photography as an important element of the narrative and the game, including the Season: A Letter to the Future. To learn more about this game, read on PetaPixels in-depth review.

Photo credit: Premiere basics

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