How To Redirect A Domain To Another Domain In Cpanel

New subdomains are redirected to a another subdomain on the same server: Setup the new domain as a separate cpanel account and put a simply.htaccess file into the public_html directory for the subdomain to redirect to the.

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Redirects allows us to redirect a domain to a different url.

How to redirect a domain to another domain in cpanel. Redirect all urls in a domain to a single url in another domain: You can set up a redirect that sends visitors to your new domain name when they’ll try to access a url that belonged to your old domain. In this case you don’t need to host all your domain separately and put a redirection code in there.

For example, if you moved your website content to a new url, you can direct your seasonal visitors (who may remember your old web address better than your new one) to your new location with a redirect. How to setup a redirect. This way you can make a long url accessible via a short one or completely redirect your domain traffic to a different address or specific page.

Otherwise, if you want to control the dns from the cpanel server, you'd have to setup name servers on the cpanel server and configure the domain name to use those name servers at it's registrar: Under the domains section select the redirects icon. Now you want to redirect your old domain users to the new domain website then how you can do it.

To add a redirect where the original domain appears in the browser’s address bar, create an addon domain and redirect it to your chosen domain. So today i am going to show you very simple and easy steps to redirect the website to other domain. In the domains section of the cpanel home screen, click redirects.

First of all, open you cpanel and you can see there are a lot of different sections. Congratulations, now you know how to create a redirect in your cpanel! In the next text box, enter the rest of the url from which you wish for the server to redirect visitors.

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Or must you addon that domain? To add a redirect, follow these steps: To set up a domain forwarder, perform the following steps:

Cpanel offers many more tools for domain handling, be sure to check out all the cpanel features. A redirect occurs when typing a web address in the address bar sends a visitor to another website (or url) different from the one they typed in. Park the new domain against, then remove the serveralias for the new domain from the virtualhost for that domain and put it under the one for the subdomain as mentioned above.

301 permanent redirects is the default option. Another use is to redirect visitors from old pages on a web site to newer, updated web pages. A confirmation message will appear.

The following settings need to be configured under the domain you are redirecting from, in this example, this is step 1, the dns record: How to do a 301 redirect from one cpanel account domain to another: Now you can choose the options for redirecting your urls;

For this, we will be redirecting to Generally, any redirects will be permanent (which is the default). Domain redirects is another tool of the cpanel which allows you to redirect traffic from one page or domain name to a different address.

In the redirection url column, enter the domain or subdomain to which you wish to redirect visitors. In the next box add the rest of the url from which the server redirects. Click the redirects link in the domains section.

All you have to do is to setup redirection on your domain. The first thing you will need is a dns record for @, www and any other subdomains you want to redirect, set to :orange:. In the type section choose if you want to create a permanent (301) or temporary (302) redirect.

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In the domain column, enter the domain whose visitors you wish to redirect. Follow the given steps to redirect your domain to your primary domain. Using redirects in site tools;

Then in the second box select the domain you want to redirect or select “all public domains” to redirect all domains in the cpanel account. Go to cpanel dashbord and search for redirect. You can do this in cpanel’s addon domains interface ( cpanel >> home >> domains >> addon domains ).

A permanent redirection can pass not only the traffic from old domain to a new domain but also the seo juice. Redirect your domains by creating a php or html index file in the document root folder of your domain. Addon domain 1 = addon domain 2 = the problem is redirects to both use wordpress both reside in different.

This redirect will update the visitors' bookmarks and direct search engines to the new site. You can use cpanel to redirect multiple web pages, and you can specify whether redirections are temporary or permanent. On the next screen, fill in the boxes as needed and click the add button.

I havean an issue with two addon domains both in different folders. To add redirection select redirection type from the “type” menu. With www or without www.

This article provides examples for both programming languages that will help you to complete that redirection. There are few ways to redirect one domain to another: Select a domain name from the menu, or select **all public domains** to redirect all of the domains that your cpanel account controls.

Choose a permanent 301 redirect, because it has the best seo benefits. Choose the type of redirect you would like to use for your domain: In this guide we will show you how to create a redirect in your cpanel.

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This tutorial covers redirecting one domain to another. Redirect one domain to another by domain forwarding. When you redirect a url, you’re simply forwarding it to another address on the same, or different domain.

Redirect a domain in cpanel. This is really useful if you have registered multiple domain tlds for your business and want to forward any email sent from, such as, to Now check which redirection you are willing to do;

Navigate to the domains section and click on the redirects option: Steps to redirect domain to another domain in cpanel. Addon domain 1 redirects to addon domain 2.

Email domain forwarding in cpanel allows you to redirect all domain sent to one domain to another domain name. Hello, if the dns for this domain name is handled at it's domain registrar, that's where you'd need to update the a record.

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