How to Register as a Verified Fan on Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster’s presale program tries to reward loyal fans

The Verified Fan system is Ticketmaster’s attempt to ensure that loyal fans have access to the much-anticipated tour presales and to combat buyers whose only interest is in buying tickets in bulk and getting the tickets at one resell higher value. If you’ve planned to catch shows by Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, or SZA this year, then you’re probably familiar with Ticketmaster’s pre-sale program for verified fans. But for many, the Verified Fan Program is another mysterious aspect of Ticketmaster and leaves much to be explained.

If you’re interested in attending future Ticketmaster-powered tour dates, here’s a helpful guide to navigating the pre-sale program for verified Ticketmaster fans.

What is the Ticketmaster Verified Fan Program?

The Verified Fan program helps artists sell more of their tickets directly to real fans instead of scalpers and resellers. A registration and verification process is used to screen fans before purchasing tickets and to block bots and scalpers. While not every verified fan is guaranteed to secure tickets, it’s an easy way to increase your chances of purchasing face-value tickets for high-profile tours.

How do I register as a verified fan?

Each artist uses a custom verified fan registration page for each tour, so you must register individually for each tour you wish to access. If you haven’t already done so, you will also need to create a Ticketmaster account to register as a verified fan.

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Once you’ve logged into your Ticketmaster account, you can select the registration page for the tour you’d like to join. From there select your preferred show(s) of the tour and enter your email address and phone number.

Once you have submitted your registration, Ticketmaster will review each request and verify your account to ensure you are not a bot or scalper, just a fan wanting to see your favorite artist.

After Ticketmaster has verified your registration request, you will receive an email confirming your request the evening before the start of sales. If approved, Ticketmaster will send an access code via SMS that is unique to you and only you. The code is valid when the presale for confirmed fans begins and cannot be shared or sold.

What if I registered but was put on the waiting list?

For high profile tours such as Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” there are a limited number of verified fans eligible to purchase tickets during the presale period. So Ticketmaster uses a lottery system to determine which fans will receive an access code for the sale and which will be placed on a waiting list.

If you are on the waitlist and have tickets left on the day of sale, Ticketmaster can text you an access code that you can use to purchase tickets. Whether you are on the waiting list or not, an access code does not guarantee tickets; You can only participate in the sale.

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