How To Remove The Zombie Plague In WoW WotLK Classic

Nobody wants to stay undead forever in WoW WotLK Classic.

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic has rolled out the red carpet for another thread of old-school features, which means that the zombie plague has once again found its way to Azeroth. As before, the dreaded debuff has the power to turn those infected with the plague into flesh-eating zombies. And, surprise surprise, the only way to remove it is to scout a healer in a given time.

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The Zombie Plague World Event is sure to bring back a ton of memories for Lich King players, so here’s what you need to do to get rid of this cursed debuff.

What the debuff is

“You are infected!” is a ten minute debuff that infects the player with a zombie virus. If you happen to be infected with the zombie plague, you need to find one Argent healer in every major city to remove it. Otherwise, then a paladin or priest using the power to heal can also untie you and set you free.


If you don’t find a cure in the allotted time, you’ll turn into a zombie, giving you the ability to infect other players across Azeroth with the same virus. To remove the debuff for good, you must die and then resurrect from the nearest graveyard.

How you get infected

There are two ways to encumber with the Zombie Plague debuff: Iinfected playersor NPCs. Of course, being a zombie virus, the most likely carrier would be an actual zombie, which can be found in countless locations across Azeroth and the surrounding portals. If you happen to encounter the “You’re Infected!” debuff, then you just have 10 minutes to heal it. Of course, if you don’t heal it, you’ll become a zombie.

Where to find healers

The good news is that removing the debuff isn’t all that difficult. That is, provided you know where to look and how to get hold of the necessary healers before the virus claims your soul. Luckily though Argent healers can be found in every major city, meaning you can quickly get to the nearest retailer with a simple swipe of your Hearthstone. If this isn’t a viable option, a paladin or priest with the ability to heal can also dispel the debuff.

To the alliance Players can find Argent Healers in both City of Stormwind and ironforge. Horde players can scout one in either Orgrimmar or lower town If you happen to be traveling through neutral territory, you can find one too Light’s Hope Chapel and City of Shattrath.

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