How To Remove Watch Links With Tool

Some adjust watch band options are available that offer a winder attached to the tool, instead of the hammer. The best way to identify a band with screw links is to look at the side of the band.

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Wear the watch and pinch the excess length together to figure out how many links you need to remove.

How to remove watch links with tool. In this guide, we will explain how to use the metal link removal tool to remove links so you can shorten your watch bracelet. This tool is just as simple as the first. Lk4 is a link removing tool that is used to pull out links from metal watch bands and bracelets.

When you need to size your watch down or add more links for a better fit, this tool will help is opening the links that are not held in with screws. 3) line up the link that you want removed with the pin. If the links are solid on one side with a hole on the other side with a screw head facing up you are dealing with a screw pin and you should use this guide.

Feel free to do the link test again and see if you still need to remove the number of links you expected. To remove your links, use the jewelry punch tool. 2) place your watch band flat and flush to the left hand side wall on the watch link remover.

If you want to remove the links from a watch band and the links use round or flat pins, you’ll need a spring bar tool or a pin pusher to remove the pins. Before you remove any links from the other side of the band, put your watch back on and check to see how it fits. Plan to remove an equal or close to equal number of links from each side of the clasp so that the claps remains in the center of the strap.

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Once you have verified the number of links you need to remove, take the watch off again and turn it so you can remove the next links from the other side of the band. If you want to resize your tissot watch band, you'll need to remove pins to either remove a link (making the band smaller) or add a link (making it larger). ***** in less than 5 mins i had undone the clasp, removed 2 pins and reassembled the strap.

Use your tool to carefully push back the spring bar from the watch strap clasp, then push the pins so they slide out from the link you are going to remove. Remove the watch band from the tool and extract the pin. It comes with 2 different sized pins.

The watch can then be laid out flat to remove the links as required. Repeat steps 3 through 10 to remove the remaining links and put the band back together again. For reassembly, push pins back in the opposite direction.

Wrap the band around your wrist and hold the disconnected ends together with your other hand. Make sure to hold both the watch and the screwdriver tightly during this step. Now that your watch band fits just the way you want, you can wear it again.

These are inexpensive and widely available online, and they usually include a watch band holder, a pin punch tool and a small hammer. Excellent and easy with a little care. In most basic watch band link remover boxes, you will find some common tools for the job like a watch tool that will be used for securing the band, a small hammer, pin punches, etc.

For the best chance of success at diy fossil watch link removal, purchase a watch link removal tool kit. On the links you intend to remove, use the pin pusher to gently take the pin out of the links, making sure to do so in the direction of the arrow to the link. You line up the link hole with the pin, and push.

Push the tool into the end of one end the spring pin and gently pull the strap to the side. You'll notice that the ends on the punch will easily fit into the small holes of the watch. Specially designed to remove rolex® oyster and oyster style watch bracelet links.

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Watch pins hold the links of a watch bracelet together. Once you have verified the number of links you need to remove, take the watch off again. Hold the watch so that both disconnected ends line up with each other.

This is where the needle nose pliers may be needed to finally extract the pin from the strap. The spring bar tool in the set is made up of stainless steel. With the amazing tools in the kit, you can comfortably remove watch back, change watch batteries, remove watch band link, adjust watch strap bands, and do other common tasks.

If you need to remove an even number of links, you should remove an equal number from each side of the watch face. On one side of the link, you will see smooth circles (which are the bottoms of the pins). The watch band holder is very useful, as it leaves both hands free for the task.

4) turn the handle so that the watch link remover pin pushes against and pushes out the pin in your watch link. The watch strap will now be in two. After determining how many links to remove, locate the links closest to the clasp.

When you push the punch into the space where the hole is, you will notice a peg going out the other end. Before you start, measure how many links you will need to remove to resize the band for your wrist. On the other side of the link, you will see slits for a screwdriver.

Do get this kit if you intend to do battery replacement for some simple repairs. Also useful if you need to replace worn out pins and links that may have bent and warped from long years of use. Hold the watch with one hand while you place the screwdriver in the hole with the other hand.

Next step is to remove the screws from the link. Strapsco metal link removal tool. The pin pops out in a second.this tool is better for some people to use since the previous one requires you to lay the watch flat.with this device, you don’t have to, because you hold the watch with one hand and pop the links out with the other.

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Use your tool or screwdriver (the head of a small nail or small screw will work as well) and push it into the opening. Follow the arrows on the underside of your strap’s links which indicate the direction to push out the pins. Only the three or four links on each size of the clasp have pins that can be removed.

Hold your watchband in one hand while pressing upwards on the part closest to the case while pressing downwards to remove the link. Otherwise, proceed with the current step. Push the ends together so that the links become interlocked (first photo).

Removing links from your rolex: If you need to remove one link, you can take it from anywhere on the watch.

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