How to report and block someone on WhatsApp on Android devices

How to report and block someone on WhatsApp on Android devices

Whatsapp is a popular instant messaging app that connects you with people around the world. However, some users may also misuse the app to spam others. No matter it’s a group or private chat on WhatsApp, nobody likes these spam messages. Meta’s own app gives you a feature to do that block a contact who will prevent you from receiving further messages from that contact and help you get rid of those spam messages.

If you keep getting messages from contacts or unknown numbers that you don’t want to connect to, WhatsApp allows you to do that as well report She. If you use the report and block feature, the Company will receive notifications about the messages you receive and take appropriate action. If the number is reported many times, WhatsApp may block the user from using the app. If you receive unwanted messages from a known or unknown contact, do the following block and report She:

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Report and block a contact


Table of Contents

Open Whatsapp on your Android device.


open that Chat of the user you want to report.


Tap the Three point menu available in the top right corner of the chat.


Choose More Possibility.


Tap the report Possibility.


Check the box to block the user and delete chat messages, and then click REPORT Button.

Report and block an unknown user


open that WhatsApp chat of the unknown user.


In the chat you will see three options: report, block and Add to contacts.


When you tap report, you will see a pop-up notification asking you to block and delete the chat and report it. Beat those REPORT button after checking the box for Block and delete chat.


When you tap blocksee a pop-up notification asking if you want Report the user along with blocking or not. Check the box and then click BLOCK Button.

What happens after you report and block someone on WhatsApp?
The company gets the last five messages that the reported user or group sent to you and blocks the user from sending you messages when you report and block someone on WhatsApp. The reported user will not be notified. The blocked and reported user cannot see your profile picture, status or other data.

WhatsApp will also be informed of the reported group or user ID, the time the message was sent to you, as well as the type of message sent (such as text, image, video, etc.). If an account’s activity is prohibited by WhatsApp’s Terms of Service, it may be suspended.

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