How to save webpages in Google chrome? A mini-guide on ‘Reading list’ feature

Google brings several new features to its users every day and is constantly evolving. Similarly, the Reading List feature in Google Chrome helps users save articles and webpages that can be accessed later to read at a convenient time. In case the Chrome user wants to read multiple articles and save them for later, Google Chrome’s reading list feature comes in handy.

For example, reading too many articles at once can create multiple tabs and clutter the screen. This is why the reading list feature is useful as one can add the articles and read them later. In the earlier versions of Google Chrome, the bookmarks bar was always shown for the Reading Lists feature. However, in the latest versions, the Reading List feature is a bit hidden and not easy for users to find.

Here are the steps to use this feature:

STEP 1 Open Chrome browser on your desktop.

STEP 2 Click the Side Panel button to the left of your profile picture.

STEP 3 A window will appear with two sections labeled “A reading list and bookmarks”.

STEP 4 Click the Reading List tab.

STEP 5 If you want to save an article, click the Add Current Tab button in the side panel.

STEP 6 The article is saved as unread in the reading list.

STEP 7 Clicking on the saved article in the reading list always opens it in the current tab.

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STEP 8 After finishing reading the article, the side panel can be opened and more tick options can be checked to mark it as read.

Meanwhile, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has issued an alert on multiple vulnerabilities in Google Chrome. The vulnerability, the advisory says, could allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code and bypass security restrictions on target systems. CERT-In requests Chrome browsers with versions prior to Google Chrome 104.0.5112.101 to update as soon as possible.

Wondering how to check which Google Chrome version is running on your laptop and how to update it? Here we bring you a step-by-step guide.

How to check the Google Chrome version running on the laptop

– Open Google Chrome on your computer

– Click on the three dots in the top right corner of your screen

– Hover over “Help” in the menu list.

– Here you will see “About Google Chrome”. click it

– This will open a new web page with details about the Chrome version running on your device

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