How to scan a QR code with your Samsung Galaxy phone

QR codes are everywhere, from restaurant tables to business cards and billboards. Although you might think they’re new, they’ve been around since 1994 and were designed to replace barcodes. These codes were originally used on boarding passes, loyalty cards, and shipping labels. Times have changed and QR codes now contain information such as contact details, WiFi credentials, links and more.


Whether you want to access the menu at a restaurant or check the timetable at a bus stop, you’ll likely scan a QR code to access this information. The Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones and other Samsung Galaxy devices are some of the best Android phones out there and they make scanning a QR code a breeze.

How to scan a QR code with your Samsung Galaxy phone’s camera app

The good thing about your Samsung phone is that you don’t need to install an app to scan a QR code. All you have to do is open your phone’s built-in camera app, just like you normally do when you want to take a picture. Then point your device’s shooter at the QR code without pressing the shutter button.

If your phone reads the code correctly, a card will appear at the bottom of your screen, allowing you to interact with the content of the QR code. Just tap on the map to continue. For example, if the QR code contains WiFi credentials, your phone will automatically connect to a network. If it is a link, it will open in your browser.

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In some cases, the card will show additional options, which can be handy if you don’t want to open the content right away but prefer to save or share it. For example, you can copy a link to send to a friend who is having trouble scanning a QR code at a restaurant.

Dealing with stubborn QR codes that won’t scan

If nothing happens when you point your handset at a QR code, keep your phone further away from it. You can also tap the QR code on your screen to focus your phone’s camera on it. Finally, make sure your lens is clean as your phone may have trouble deciphering the code if something is blocking its view.

Do not take a photo of the QR code as it is not a trigger to scan it, even if your phone is having trouble focusing on the code.

While you don’t need an additional app to scan QR codes, Samsung’s camera and gallery apps can’t handle locally stored images on your phone. However, Google’s Lens app can help with this. It’s as simple as opening an image that contains a QR code and tapping the circle to interact with it.

In addition to scanning QR codes from local images, Google Lens can help you interact with what your camera sees, e.g. You are curious about a plant species or a dog breed.

Downloading Google Lens isn’t required to scan QR codes, but having the app on your phone can come in handy if you’re a curious person.

QR codes are here to stay

QR codes may be finicky, but they don’t go away. They are useful tools that can save you time. The COVID pandemic has made them more popular because many countries are using them to authenticate vaccination cards. Businesses rely on providing information to the public rather than distributing printed information, whether it’s restaurants or transportation companies. Knowing how to scan a QR code makes finding information and conducting business easier.

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