How To Score Elk Antlers Pope And Young

Determine the number of points on each antler by counting. That trophy set of antlers stirs the imagination into a frenzy of bagging that old swamp buck that has eluded all hunting efforts in the previous years and grown to a sage old master of his domain.

M3 Whitetails…. 4173 scoring 187+ inches in February

Likewise, riflemen are familiar with the 170 inch minimum and, for those fewer in number muzzleloader hunters, 130 is the magic marker.

How to score elk antlers pope and young. A common phrase is “nets (meaning net score after deductions) are for fishermen”, but if you want to be entered into the record books, deductions will have to be subtracted from the gross score of the antlers. How to measure deer antlers. To get into the pope and young record book, your whitetail deer must score at least 125 or higher.

In addition, deer must be harvested following the pope and young club's fair chase rules. They realized that if regulations were not introduced into hunting, many populations and species of animals would be hunted into extinction. Talk to most bow hunters for example, and they know that the minimum pope & young score for typical whitetails is 125 inches.

“phil 1, elk 0.” at the time, he didn’t know anything about determining a score for a trophy rack. Make the first measurement roughly. Net score of a whitetail buck.

For most people, this gross antler score is all that you need to see where your deer’s antlers rank. Tip to tip at the ends of the main beams, greatest spread and inside spread at the widest point between the antlers. Measure the antler spread in three places:

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Any hunter can accurately measure and score his deer's antlers learn how to measure your trophy's antlers. All in all, there were 47 points giving a deer score of 312 ⅜i niches. Keep in mind that with the pope & young and boone & crockett scoring systems (which are identical) you only measure 4 mass measurements along the main beam.

A field photo is also requested, if possible. The bull was taken on a solo hunt early in the montana archery season Big bulls will have an inside spread of very near to 40 inches and also right around 30 inches of mass per side.

On saturday, december 5th, the pope and young club convened a special panel of judges in prescott, az for a potential p&y world record mountain goat. To determine the “net” score, you would calculate the differences between each measurement from the left side to the right side and subtract the total deductions, as well as the total abnormal point lengths, from the “gross” score. For typical elk, adding these measurements together will determine the “gross” score of your bull.

B) specimens scored by other qualified scorers, e.g. However, mass is very hard to judge. Today the boone and crockett club and pope and young club announced that an elk from montana taken on public land during the archery season in 2016 is a potential new archery world's record typical american elk.

Calculate the total length of abnormal points. Now, as an official measurer for both the boone and crockett club and the pope and young club, herrnberger, given an hour or so and the help of his assistant, rocky denny, can determine the scores for antlers, skulls, tusks, and horns of game species throughout north america. How to score elk antlers.

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In order to be entered into their awards program, you will need to contact a local boone and crockett club and have an official measurer score your antlers. We want the inside spread. Receive an official score from the boone and crockett club.

That’s when you can take a good look at his antlers. If you fail to comply, your antlers will become ineligible for scoring. For those who truly enjoy matching wits and knowledge with those magical monster whitetails we offer both boone and crockett and pope and young.

C) a bronze award and certificate of merit will be given to each hunter who satisfies the entry requirements. Find out what species can be hunted in all 50 states and look at corresponding unit maps to find out where they can be hunted in a particular state. The last step in the process, in order to obtain an official score for pope and young club world record status, is to have the antlers panel scored by a group of highly qualified p&y and b&c.

Boone & crocket, pope & young etc., will be eligible for book only status unless verified by a mbgta member before december 31st in the year it was harvested. Pope and young club announces new world record rocky mountain goat: You can also submit your score to your state agency for special consideration or awards.

We would like to extend a special thanks to cliff at cliff’s taxidermy for all images used on this page. Original scoring form completed by an official measurer of the pope & young club or the boone & crockett club. While field judging elk, simply look for a spread that stretches well outside the ears.

Scoring a deer actually involves measuring the antlers of the deer and obtaining a score. And it’s found by measuring the distance across the inside of the beams at the widest point at the widest point perpendicular to the skull. Articles on how to hunt turkeys, deer, upland game, and predators abound.

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Three photos of antlers, horns, or skull (a view from the front side, a view from the left side and a view from the right side). Together with the boone & crockett club, the pope and young club maintains the universally accepted scoring system and sets the standards for measuring and scoring big game. For scoring purposes, a point must be 1 inch long and longer than it is wide.

Pope and young records are archery killed deer only in a fair chase situation. Score your turkey, deer, elk, or other animal with interactive trophy calculators.

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