How To Scrap A Car Without Log Book

Selling your car without a v5c; Get a vehicle log book (v5c)

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If you can’t locate your vehicle’s v5c document, it is not strictly necessary to pay for a replacement.

How to scrap a car without log book. How can i scrap my car without a v5 (logbook)? Can i scrap my car without a v5? Having a log book (v5c) will make life easier when you come to recycle your car.

More commonly called a v5 document, the term “logbook” is still sometimes used to refer to this vehicle registration. If you are opposed to paying £25 to the dvla for a replacement , then there are certain things you will need to do to ensure scrapping is legal. A new document can be obtained from the dvla for around £25.00.

The law states that you can scrap your car even if you do not manage to locate its logbook. If the car you’re scrapping is not currently sorned, don’t worry about it; You can legally scrap your car without it being sorned.

But we can still scrap your car, as long as you have photo id. Essentially, if you need to scrap a car without the v5 or logbook, then you need to speak with the team at compare my scrap car to see how they can help you on 0800 810 1004. Selling your car without a v5c.

Can i scrap my car without a title? Prior to modernisation, the title documentation for a car was called the logbook. Legally speaking, it is perfectly viable for you to contact inform the dvla in writing, providing:

A vehicle log book can also be recognised by a handful of alternative names including a v5 document, this document verifies ownership of the vehicle you are scrapping. Before modernisation, a car’s title documentation was known as the logbook. Tell dvla you've sold, transferred or bought a vehicle;

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Read on for everything you need to know when selling your car for scrap when you don’t have the logbook. Also the battery is flat so will not be able to drive it anywhere. How to scrap a car without a v5.

Well, the good news is that you do not have to have the logbook to scrap the car; Will i get more if i bring the car to you? The car is at the end of its lifespan, and that’s that.

Simply follow the process for scrapping a car as normal. Today it’s usually referred to as a v5 document, but the term ‘logbook’ is still sometimes used to refer to this official registration document for vehicles issued by the driver and vehicle licensing agency (dvla). A vehicle logbook is also known as a v5 document as is issued when a car is bought.

What if i don’t have a v5c? It is illegal to scrap your vehicle through an unauthorised. Yes, you can scrap your car without your logbook, because it isn’t a legal requirement.

Be warned, though, that it is just a bit more of a complicated process than if you had retained the logbook. Selling a car without a v5c explained: Refusing to buy a car without a log book (v5c) some companies will not buy a scrap car from you unless you have the log book.

Buy, sell or scrap a vehicle buy or sell a vehicle. The details you need to include in your letter are: Once you’ve scrapped your car, you’ll need to write and send a letter to the dvla informing them of the sale, which has the following information inside:

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If you don’t, the dvla could prosecute you and land you with a hefty fine. Firstly make sure you scrap your vehicle with an authorised treatment facility (atf). Scrap car collection from our listed members is free but some scrapyards (at their discretion) may pay more.

Is it possible to scrap without a logbook? Do i need a log book to scrap my car? Unfortunately, if you’ve chosen to scrap your car without a v5c, there’s a little more red tape you have to get through.

Scrap your vehicle without keeping any parts. Can you still scrap your car without the distinctive red and pink document? Can i scrap my car without a logbook?

Call compare my scrap car for more. If you need to know whether you can scrap a car or van without the v5 or logbook, then yes you can. Scrapping a car without v5c or logbook?

Do i need a v5c if i scrap my car? Is it possible to scrap your car without the v5? Selling a car without a v5 logbook there’s another issue when selling a car without a v5 logbook , and that’s the fact that a buyer may try to haggle over the price.

They may believe that you are trying to sell quickly, and you may struggle to sell your car to a dealership since they tend to be very keen on having the documentation when buying. So, can you even scrap a car without a logbook? You need to scrap your vehicle, and despite turning your house upside down, stopping just short of ripping out walls, you cannot find the v5c.

So can i scrap my car without the v5c or not? If you still wish to proceed without one there are some things you should know before scrapping your car without a v5c / log book. This is often because, in the past, some local authorities put pressure on the dealers to have documentation for sales and purchases.

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We will check the vehicles details from the vin plate and if the car checks out we can buy it. I have been wanting to scrap my old car for ages but have lost the v5 (logbook) for it. When selling without a v5c, you’ll need to provide a bill of sale which includes all info for the new buyer to apply for a new logbook.

In short, yes you can still scrap a vehicle without a logbook, the process may just not be as quick.

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