How to Screenshot on an iPhone 14

An Apple iPhone.

Taking a screenshot on an iPhone 14 is easy. There are three different methods you can choose from, including pressing a few buttons, tapping the back of your iPhone, or using an on-screen option. Below we will show you all the methods.

If you took a screenshot using any method, you can find that image in the Album > Screenshots folder in the Photos app.

Use the buttons to take a screenshot

A quick way to take a screenshot on your iPhone 14 is to press two buttons on your phone at the same time.

To use this method, open the screen you want to capture on your iPhone. Then press the volume up button and the side button at the same time.

Press Volume Up+Side.

You will hear a shutter sound indicating your screenshot has been taken.

In the lower left corner of your screen you will find the thumbnail of your screenshot. Tap to edit or delete your screenshot.

Tap the image thumbnail.

The thumbnail will automatically disappear after a few seconds.

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Tap the back of your iPhone 14 to take a screenshot

Another way to take screenshots on your iPhone 14 is by tapping the back of your phone. This is possible with the Back Tap function.

To configure it, launch Settings on your iPhone. Then navigate to Accessibility > Touch > Tap back.

On the Back Tap page, choose Double Tap or Triple Tap depending on how many times you want to tap to take a screenshot.

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Choose the number of taps.

Select “Screenshot” on the following page. Then tap “Tap back” in the top left to save your changes.

Choose "Picture."

From now on, whenever you want to take a screenshot on your phone, just double or triple tap (depending on which option you selected above) on the back of your iPhone.

Your iPhone will take the screenshot and save it in the default Photos app.

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Use an on-screen menu to take a screenshot

If you’d rather tap an option on the screen to take screenshots, enable and use an AssistiveTouch feature to do so.

First, open the settings on your iPhone. Then go to Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch.

Turn on the AssistiveTouch option.

Switch "AssistiveTouch."

You will see a white dot on your screen. Tap on this item to open a menu.

Select Device menu > More > Screenshot to take a screenshot.

Note: Don’t worry, the on-screen menu will not appear in your screenshot.

Beat "Picture."

Your screenshot will now be taken and saved in the Photos app.

You can now edit, share, and even delete your screenshots when you no longer need them.

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