How to See Posts You Liked on Instagram

Ever wondered which Instagram posts you liked? Maybe you’re curious what you liked last week or if you thought of liking your friend’s post or not. We’ll show you how to see likes on Instagram.

You can easily view your Instagram likes in the mobile app on Android or iPhone.

note: Unfortunately, at this time, does not offer a feature to show liked posts. Many of the computer apps and browser extensions we tested mimic the site’s settings and therefore do not provide an option to view Instagram likes.

How to see popular posts on Instagram

Instagram is most popular for its mobile app, so it’s no surprise that you can see your liked posts there with just a few taps. Open the Instagram app on Android or iPhone and follow these steps.

  1. Visit your Instagram profile page with the profile tab in the lower right corner.
  2. Use the three lines Icon in the upper right corner to open and select the menu your activity.
  3. Beat interactions.
  4. Choose likes.

You’ll then see all the posts you’ve liked on Instagram, from newest to oldest. This includes popular photos, videos, and rolls of film. You can select a specific post in your list to view the original.

Sort or filter your popular posts

If you are looking for a specific post, e.g. B. before or after a specific date or by a specific user, you can use the sorting and filtering options.

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On the Likes screen, tap Sort & Filter top right. Then use the following options:

Select to sort sort by off to switch From newest to oldest to From oldest to newest. Beat Apply to use the sort option.

To filter by user, select author. You can then use the search above to find a specific user, or select one or more Instagram users from the list. Choose Finished and then Apply.

To filter by date, select either one start date or Deadline, depending on when you liked the post. Choose the date, choose Finishedand then Apply.

If you want to reset the sorting to the most recent posts first or remove a filter, tap Sort & Filter and select Reset to default in the upper right corner. This reverts to the sort order from newest to oldest and removes any filters you have applied.

Unlike Instagram posts

If you come across a post or two that you liked and don’t want to like, that’s also an option on the Likes screen.

  1. To reject one or more posts, select Choose top right.
  2. Select the posts that have a check mark.
  3. Beat not how at the bottom. warning: You won’t be prompted to confirm the action, so make sure you want to like the post(s) before tapping not how.

You’ll then see a short message with the number of posts you’ve liked.

Alternatively, you can select a liked item to view the original post and tap it As (heart icon) to deselect it and thus change the post.

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There are many reasons you might want to see likes on Instagram. Maybe you want to revisit a humorous post for a good laugh, revisit your friend’s latest photos, or make sure you enjoyed a post from your partner. Whatever the case, you now know how to see popular posts on Instagram.

For more information, see How to View Deleted Instagram Posts.

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