How to set screen time limits for your iPhone apps

Apple iPhones come with a number of useful features that help users in their daily lives. While such features may seem hard to put down on the iPhone, the company is offering users ways to reduce device usage. Screen Time is a feature that serves this purpose.

The Screen Time section on your iPhone shows the time spent using each app installed on your Apple device. In addition, it offers a variety of information about your iPhone and iPad usage. Additionally, it provides stats and numbers about things like the number of notifications the user receives and how often the user checks their phone.

App Limits: Set screen time limits for apps

The Screen Time section is the hub for tracking your app usage behavior. Here you can also limit your app usage for different apps via App Limits option. In addition, this feature allows you to set a time limit both for the entire category of apps such as games or social media, and for specific apps.


How to set screen time limit for apps on iPhone

  1. Go to on your iPhone Ideas Menu.

  2. Then tap the screen time Possibility.

  3. After that, you need to turn on the switch for screen time option (if not already done).

  4. Tap the app limits option and then press the add border Button.

  5. Select one or more app categories for which you want to set screen time limits.

  6. Tap the category name to view all apps in that category, then select the category or apps you want to restrict. It’s important to note that the time limit you choose will apply to any category or app you choose.

  7. Tap the Next button and then set the allowed time. You can tap the Customize Days option and then set time restrictions for each day specifically.

  8. Beat those Add to button once you’re done setting limits on the apps you want.

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In addition, you can disable these app screen time limits at any time. To disable all app limits temporarily, all you have to do is tap on the App Limits option. On the other hand, if you want to temporarily disable a time limit for a specific category, you can tap the category and then turn off the App Limit toggle. That being said, if you want to permanently remove the time limit for a category, you can do so simply by tapping on the category and then tapping on “Remove Limit”.


Screen time limit on iPhone is a helpful feature that can come in handy when you spend some time away from your smartphone and want to focus on your studies, work or hobbies.

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