How to set up and and use your phone’s emergency features


Adrian Kingsley Hughes

Smartphones are one of those things we almost always have with us, and it’s no surprise that they’ve taken on the role of medical alert bracelet. They are a great place to store medical information and emergency contact information that is easily accessible should it ever be needed.

This information is available on the lock screen without having to unlock the smartphone, making it useful for emergency responders who may be present at the scene of an emergency.

But don’t worry, you can choose the information that is provided.

In addition to an emergency contact, you may wish to provide the following in the event of an emergency:

  • blood type
  • allergies and reactions
  • Diseases
  • Any medications you are taking

It’s a good idea to regularly review and update all of this information. Contacts change, as do our medical issues. Not only does keeping this up to date means your loved ones and friends are kept in the loop in the worst case scenario, it also means any emergency services or medical staff who need to treat you have as much information about you as possible.

However, how you add this information depends on whether you are using an iPhone or an Android smartphone.

iPhone Emergency Features


When you make an SOS emergency call on iPhone – you can initiate this by pressing and holding the side button and either volume button, iPhone will send a text message to your emergency contact when the call ends (unless you choose to cancel ).

This text message will contain your current location and your emergency contacts will be updated if your location changes.

To add or delete emergency contacts:

  • Tap the Health app, then tap your profile picture
  • Beat medical card
  • Beat To editthen scroll to emergency contacts (Here you can also add blood type, allergies or medications, etc.)
  • Tap the Add to or Extinguish Button.

Android emergency functions


If you’re using Android 12 or later, you can call emergency services, send location information, and even start video recording (which is also possible) with the Emergency SOS feature, which can be launched by pressing the power button five times. shared with your emergency contacts).

To add or delete an emergency contact:

  • Tap the settings apartment
  • Search for Medical information (This is the fastest way to access this screen on Android)
  • Beat emergency contacts
  • Tap the add contact or swipe an existing contact to delete it.
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