How to Share Equipment Between Your Characters in Diablo IV

The Diablo series has long encouraged multiple playthroughs and character creation. With the different builds available alongside the abundance of loot, it’s understandable to create different characters for different playstyles. But what if you find yourself with an incredible weapon but with the wrong character to wield it? Well, like in previous games, DiabloIV you can share equipment between all your characters. You just have to know where to go for it.

How to share gear between characters in Diablo IV

How to share gear between characters in Diablo IV

DiabloIV offers a seemingly endless supply of monsters to fight, loot to scavenge, and areas to explore. It’s a remarkable RPG experience as you can solo or hop into the PvP arena and test your skills against others now in the game’s beta version.

You might snag legendary loot, but the character you wield isn’t designed to handle it. No need to pull your hair out in frustration. Instead, you can just put it aside and share gear with it DiabloIV characters who can use it.

How do you do that, you may ask? You do this with the miracle that is stash chest.

If you have played before Diablo games that stash chest is nothing new. It’s long been a way for you to pass certain items on to each character you create. DiabloIV is no different. Just interact with the chest and select the gear you want to store. From there you can run another character to use the chest and find the loot that you can use.

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Before you can share your gear DiabloIVyou have to make sure that all these characters reach a certain area.

You will first unlock the stash option in Kyovashad. To get it you have to follow the storyline because you will be given the task “Escort Lorath to Kyovashad”. At this point you may be a little over 1 hour into the game, maybe between levels 5-6.

Now we have access to it DiabloIV city, we’re one step closer to finding a way to share gear between characters.

Once in town you can interact as you please, but go to the waypoint to find the chest we need. From the waypoint you want to look north on the map. You will notice a wardrobe and a chest icon. The chest icon is your stash chest.

So just head in that direction and you will find an inn. Climb the second flight of stairs and enter a small bedroom. This room has the wardrobe and chest you need. Now you can finally share equipment between characters DiabloIV. Of course, all of these characters must also reach the same town to unlock the chest first.

DiabloIV will be released on June 6, 2023 for PC, PS5 and PS4 as well as Xbox One and Series.

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