How to share small YouTube video portions with ‘Clips’ feature

Besides sending a link to a video, YouTube added a new way to share fixed parts of those videos with friends. The YouTube Clips feature is quick, easy, and a much better option than sending an entire video. That’s how it works.

What is a YouTube clip?

When you share a YouTube video, you simply send someone a link, which opens in either the YouTube app or a browser, depending on their device. However, this link does not send the user at a specific time unless they right-click the video and select that option. Well, this option is cool and can be used to share a video, although you should be sending clips from YouTube instead.

Just like a regular link, a clip directs a user to the YouTube video you’re sharing with them. The main difference is that you can trim the clip before sending it and edit exactly what you want the recipient to see. When they open your link, they’ll see that clip as its own video, with the video’s progress bar only going to the end of the selected portion of the video.

This feature is absolutely fantastic for sending people short versions of videos you find on YouTube where you can scrub down to the funniest part and share that alone. The user can watch the full video if they wish to do so afterwards. Personally, I use it to send GIF alternatives because you can create a very short 5 second YouTube clip. You can also create a clip up to 60 seconds long.

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How to cut and split a YouTube video

You must be signed in to an account to use YouTube’s Clips feature. From there it’s easy to make one.

To create and share a clip of a YouTube video:

  1. Find and open a video you want to share on your desktop or on the Android mobile app.
  2. Once the video is open, find and tap “Clip” under the video.
  3. Create a title for your clip.
  4. Move the sliders to set the length of the clip.
  5. When you’re done adjusting, click Split Clip.
  6. Copy the link and submit it.

As mentioned earlier, whoever receives the link will only see the portion you sent. If you want, you can access the full public video on YouTube.

The Clips feature is a fantastic tool on YouTube for sharing videos. Yes, sharing a link is easier, although it doesn’t draw the recipient’s attention to exactly what you’re trying to show them. In any case, clips are easy for anyone to create.

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