How To Share The Gospel With A Muslim

Listen to the concerns they share. “when i saw a muslim man, i did not want to give him a hug.

Gaza's Christians and Muslims grow closer in defiance of

For many christians, sharing their faith with a muslim friend or acquaintance can be intimidating.

How to share the gospel with a muslim. We are very glad to share with you that god has given us burden & vision in our lives to reach specifically to the muslims by the gospel of jesus christ. The recent events in the crimea have brought attention to the 300,000 muslim tatars who live in that area. Malik the muslim belongs to the religion called islam (which means ‘way of submission’).

These are the two main issues that i have had brought to me almost every time when sharing the gospel with a muslim. I knew the harvest was plentiful. So let me point you in the right direction.

I didn’t think it’d be too hard because i’d grown up in the middle east. They will say, you believe jesus christ is the son of god and the quran says it is a sin to say he is the son of god. It’s a privilege to share the gospel with muslims.

From these experiences, and utilizing quotes from various discussion board and social network threads, i’m going to share with you six different ways that you can reach a muslim for christ. A prior acquaintance with the muslim you want to share the gospel with would be helpful, but is not necessary. It is powerful to save!

Sharing the gospel with muslims. Pray for god to be at work in your friend’s heart and in the circumstances of his or her life as you share the gospel. His beliefs are based on the teachings of a book called the koran (quran), which the prophet mohammed (the founder of islam) claimed was dictated supernaturally to him in 610 a.d.

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(10) introduce your muslim friend to your pastor, and invite him to worship with you. For more information on sharing the gospel with muslim peoples, check out this article, this article, and this podcast. Matt bennett, assistant professor of missions and theology at cedarville university, shares 4 tips to follow when sharing the gospel with someone from the muslim faith.

I began to study the quran and all the various “methods” for reaching muslims. How to share the gospel with a muslim. 2003 [ life challenge africa, po box 23273, claremont/cape town 7735, rep of south africa ]

Malik the muslim belongs to the religion called islam (which means ‘way of submission’). Gospel to the muslims email: It is the gospel that we are sharing, after all.

But god had placed many strong christians around hasan at work to help him see the christian life in action, while budi and arif continued to pray for and share the gospel with him over the next four months. The romans road to salvation is a selection of bible verses taken from the book of romans that present a step by step plan of salvation through faith in jesus christ. But there are many instances of common ground where we need to seek to build bridges which can uphold the gospel and make it understandable to them.

How to share the gospel with your muslim friends this seminar helps you understand the background and culture of islam, offering practical steps on how to start a conversation with your muslim friends. And while it can be one of the most loving, joyful things you’ll ever do, it can seem hard getting started. Malik the muslim (leer en español)basic description.

When a friendship with a muslim is established, ask sincere questions, such as, when did you become muslim? Remember the names of their relatives. A recent example of a muslim testimony brings out the crucial importance of the power of the word of god and how it influences a muslim’s decision to embrace the gospel.

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“i was not excited about it,” he said. In fact, you already know enough to share the gospel with any muslim you meet. The course also helps you avoid distraction and pitfalls and clearly share the message of christ with them in a way that […]

Here, they discuss what keeps people from sharing the gospel with muslims and offer insight on how to do so effectively. Many people have asked me recently about islam in ukraine so i though this would be a good opportunity to share with you some of the facts and give you some tools to help you share the gospel with your muslim friends. It is a handbook of biblical means of sharing the gospel with muslims, hence its title.

Trust the holy spirit to bring the lost sheep into the fold. It also offers tips on discipling a new believer. One of the blessings of serving as web minister is that i get to witness to muslims from all across the world over the internet.

Second, we must remember that muslim evangelism should not be merely talked about and debated on blogs or in academic circles. However, the important point is to make an intentional attempt to share your faith, which may lead to a genuine conversation on religion. For years, i invested time and effort to build relationships and lead muslims to christ without any fruit.

Yes, there are very distinct differences in you and your muslim friend’s understanding of god, jesus, sin and salvation. Of course, there’s an expected answer, as muslims are likely born muslim. His beliefs are based on the teachings of a book called the koran (quran), which the prophet mohammed (the founder of islam) claimed was dictated supernaturally to him in 610 a.d.

Do some research about how muslims view jesus christ and understand how they will approach you about the bible. Everything about islam or the quran to do it. Be clear in your own mind of the meaning of the gospel:

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Christian muslim dialogue is needed in our world today. Say, assalam o alaikum (peace be to you), as a polite greeting from you. [email protected] dear greetings to you in the most precious name of our lord jesus christ!

All of these countries are nominally christian but contain significant muslim populations. Art gordon has served in five countries with diaspora muslim immigrants. In the video below, dr.

This is true whenever we share the gospel across cultural boundaries. In early 2001, brian felt called to missions, and god opened an opportunity in a muslim country. We should have no fear in sharing the gospel with muslims.

Take a personal interest and ask questions about work, family, and life. First, people can become a leery of muslim evangelism out of fear of doing so incorrectly. The news about what god himself has done in jesus christ for the salvation of sinful humanity.

How can i share the gospel with a muslim?

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