How To Shine Like Stars In The Night Like Pop-Up Astra Lumina

Astra Lumina was produced by Canadian entertainment company Moment Factory. It’s a mesmerizing nighttime walking experience where guests take a 1.6km journey along a cosmically mesmerizing nature trail with the stars. The goal is to offer people a magical experience that connects them to the stars, which is reflected in their slogan: “We are always told to reach for the stars, but what if the stars reached for us could?” Astra Lumina has enjoyed astronomical success since its inception, much of which can be attributed to its unique branding strategy. Here are five branding lessons companies can learn from Astra Lumina.

1) A universal theme

No matter how old someone is, what country they are from or what their hobbies are, everyone loves the stars in the sky. People have always been fascinated by them and this experience captures the imagination of adults, children and people from all walks of life. Astra Lumina is a global experience presented in Asia, Europe and North America. Having a universal theme means you can market your products and services worldwide and still attract your target audience because you’ve successfully expressed an emotion that everyone can relate to. It means that all language barriers have been broken and that someone from other countries can grasp the essence of what is being presented.

2) arouse emotions

Reading customer reviews about Astra Lumina offers insights into the emotional experience that visitors had. Her participants commented: “It was a beautiful and magical experience”, “The most magical experience ever” and “An absolutely amazing experience”. Building an emotional connection with your audience is one of the most effective branding strategies. Psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky discovered that people often make decisions that defy logic because they are emotional beings. Therefore, tapping into emotions is a powerful tool. If you can get your audience to associate positive emotions with your brand, they will keep coming back for more.

3) Unique experience

A happy customer is not only a loyal customer, but will also quickly promote your business on your behalf. Many visitors described the Astra Lumina experience as “magical”. A magical experience is one that elicits unexpected joy. Such experiences encourage people to leave their worries at the door and bask in the moment. Even after leaving the environment, they carry that experience with them and from time to time they will remember it. Whatever business you run, make it your mission to offer your customers a unique experience and you’ll be in business for a lifetime.

4) A conscious content strategy

Astra Lumina offers interactive storytelling that creatively engages viewers. During the journey, guests travel through scenes that tell the tales of how the stars found their way into an earthly garden, making it a hypnotic and captivating experience. Their advertising campaign did an excellent job of capturing the grandeur of the event on platforms like Instagram and Facebook with numerous paid ads. They had such a good response that they are extending their dates. Their success is an indication of a superior content strategy that has captured the imagination of their audience. They created a combination of short video clips and written content to give viewers just enough to keep them hooked.

Although they likely had a huge marketing budget, ultimately their content had the greatest impact. Not every company will have its budget; However, investing in paid advertising on social media platforms is an effective way to grab the attention of your target audience as it is used by majority of the world. For example, Instagram has approximately 1.28 billion active users. Social media marketing allows you to strategically target your ads to ensure they reach your target audience. Still, you also need to make sure your content is on point in order for it to grab viewers’ attention in the first place.

5) Focus on uniqueness

You can’t get more unique than bringing the stars down to earth. No other company offers such an immersive and immersive experience. The uniqueness of Astra Lumina is its defining quality that sets it apart and sets it apart. When you can focus on your brand’s uniqueness and highlight the traits that give your business a competitive edge, you’ll gain a loyal and devoted customer base.

You may not have the budget required to refine your brand like Astra Lumina, but there’s nothing stopping you from applying the same strategies just on a smaller scale. Successful companies have left you with a plan to follow, and if you apply the same principles, you too will win!

I participated in Astra Lumina for free, but all opinions are my own/the opinions of the people above.

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