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How To Shock Chlorinate A Well

Wells should be shock chlorinated when a well water sample result shows that there is bacteria in the water. From the well log, look up the well depth and the depth to water table.

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Why shock chlorinate a well?

How to shock chlorinate a well. Run a outside hose bib so you don’t run heavily chlorinated water in your house and then in your septic tank either. You can shock chlorinate your own well or you can hire a licensed water well driller to do the procedure. Then, open the vent or remove the test hole plug and pour in the chlorine bleach.

When to shock disinfect /chlorinate your well. Wells can become contaminated with harmful bacteria such as e. Coliform bacteria the presence of total coliform bacteria may indicate your well is contaminated.

When lab results indicate a presence of bacteria, upon completion of a new well or after pump replacement or repair, when the distribution system is opened for repairs or maintenance, following contamination by flood water, A licensed well driller is trained to shock chlorinate. Next, you need to mix the water in the will by running a hose full force down the shaft for 30 minutes.

Let the chlorine sit in the well for an hour. Shock chlorinate a well using liquid chlorine bleach: Check the chart above for the amount of bleach to mix half of the recommended amount with 10 gallons of water in a ten gallon bucket or bigger;

But, let’s expand on that a little. Get yourself rubber gloves, safety goggles and a chemical resistant apron. When done properly, shock chlorination will kill all the bacteria existing in a well.

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Determine the depth of water in the well. The well is 186 feet deep in a 6 nch steel casing. Put the well cap back on but don’t put the bolts on.

Clean the well house, spring house or storage tank or reservoir. Go to the farthest faucet from the well. The artesian pressure raises the water to approx.

Pour into well without the pump operating. Contamination can occur when the well is installed or when repairs are made to the pump or plumbing. It has tested positive for either sulfate reducing bacteria or iron bacteria.

Remove debris and scrub or hose off any dirt or other deposits or interior surfaces. Should you decide to shock chlorinate your water Looking for tips on method of shock chlorinating my artesian well.

It is recommended when a water system is contaminated with bacteria. To put it simply, shock chlorination is the most common and effective way to disinfect a water well. Contamination can occur when the well is installed, when repairs are made to the pump or plumbing, or when rainfall runoff enters the well.

Pump to remove any suspended solids or foreign matter in the water if possible. To chlorinate a well, turn off the circuit breaker feeding the pump. Shock chlorination is used to remove bacterial contaminants from well water, well casings, holding tanks and the whole water supply system.

5 feet above ground level. Shock chlorination (disinfection) is recommended: How to shock a well.

Over time, bacteria can attach onto the well casing and multiply, forming a slimy layer called biofilm. This can happen after a flood or period of heavy rain, which causes surface water to enter your well or can just naturally occur over a period of time. Shock chlorination is a method of disinfecting a water well.

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Use a high range chlorine test kit. The hose need not reach the bottom of the well, but should be deep enough to Should you decide to shock chlorinate your well yourself, take the following precautionary measures:

Pour two gallons of regular unscented clorox ® bleach down into the well head. Once you smell chlorine, wash the inside of the well casing with the bleach scented water. You may need to hire a licensed well driller to find and to find and scrub away the biofilm before you can shock chlorinate the well.

Biofilm can make the shock chlorination procedure not work as well, as the biofilm “uses up” the chlorine. Shock chlorination is a disinfection treatment recommended when a domestic drinking water system is contaminated with bacteria. By adding chlorine to your well, the ph of the water is raised to a point that is toxic to bacteria and pests, killing them in a matter of hours.

Turn the water back on to the house 3. When should i shock chlorinate my well? How much household bleach, containing 5.25 percent naoci, would be needed to shock chlorinate the well in example 1?

And turn on both hot and cold water all the way until you either smell chlorine. Shock chlorinate your well with bleach | step by step. When should you shock chlorinate a well?

Shock chlorination is the most effective way to eliminate these bacteria. Chlorinating your well is quite simple, as all it requires is adding chlorine bleach to the water in your well. To shock chlorinate a well:

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It is important to test your well water for this bacteria twice a year. Shock chlorination should take care of contamination that is introduced during these activities. Subtract the depth to the water table from the well depth to estimate the depth of water in the well.

If you do not have a well log, it may be on file with the ohio department of natural resources. Shut the water off to the well. You will need access again.

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