How to Skip News Intro

turn 3 offers many features for players to discover and enjoy. From adding friends to play with, to trying out the Tableurf battle for a breather doing something while having fun turn 3 is never an issue. Nonetheless, there is one tip that can make time in Splatsville a little more enjoyable and get players into the action even faster.

Most players agree that one of the most irritating things in turn 2 is the non-skippable Off the Hook in-game TV show. While Pearl and Marina are indeed popular characters in the franchise, this introduction was extremely frustrating to endure every time the game booted up. Fortunately, its successor can be skipped turn 3


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About the news introduction

in the train 2, Off the Hook shared with players which stages were currently rotating, had a back-and-forth chat between Pearl and Marina, and also went through any ongoing Splatfest details that might have arisen. It was fun to watch but very time consuming having to sit through every time players wanted to jump straight into the action.

turn 3 has his very own take on Off the Hook, but this time players won’t be able to see Pearl and Marina as the hosts. in the turn 3, Nintendo introduced Splatcast with Deep Cut. Like the previous in-game show, Splatcast will let players know which stages are in rotation, Splatfest news, and general chitchat between the three hosts.

Splatcast is hosted by Shiver, Frye and fan favorite Big Man. While some splatcasts may contain information and humor that will appeal to some splatoon Players always prefer to jump straight into the action rather than being forced to survive the show and tap the A button.

How to skip the news introduction

in the train 3, Skipping the splatcast section is very easy. Easy Click in the L-Stick, and hey presto, no more compulsion to look at the news or map announcements. However, the show will become a podcast and can be watched in the top left of the screen. In this way, players can read the announced stages and information along the way.

It can still be handy to check out information about Stages and Splatfest news, so keep an eye on the information at the top of the screen to stay up to date

Deciding to watch Splatcast after skipping the show is as simple as clicking the L stick again, and the game will return straight to the announcements in progress. Splatcast as a podcast offers the best of both worlds. The ability to read the information while exploring Splatsville or queuing for a game is a feature that players would have liked to have had turn 2.

turn 3 is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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