How to solo carry in League of Legends

League of Legends is a team-oriented MOBA game that encourages and generously rewards teamwork, team-wide communication, and strategic play. Since teamwork is the foundation of the game, in the eyes of many, simply carrying a match is a thankless and challenging task, hardly worth the sweat and tears. Additionally, solo carrying is a strenuous task that requires undivided attention, deep game understanding, and quick decision-making. Even as you improve your game and solo carry is no picnic, the solo carries should watch out for grieving teammates and their trolling attempts to completely ruin the game.

Although solo carrying is bone-hard and exhausting work, anyone can carry alone league once armed with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the game, stoic patience, and a solid game plan. Also, there are many determining factors for solo entry League, like smart choice of your champion, balancing team fights, farming and awareness. Because of this, the learning process can be extremely confusing and it can take forever to find your solo wearing style.

So here are some tips and tricks on how to play 1v9 and eventually climb the ladder League of Legends.

Choose a carry champion

Image via Riot Games

Picking a carry champion plays a crucial role in solo carry games league mainly because the primary carrier’s kit should be packed with solid damage output and counterplay mechanics like invulnerability and sustain. Additionally, players playing these incredibly powerful champions should practice their mechanics to perfection, as small mistakes and missteps can often decide or prevent a teamfight. Typically, fully understanding your champion’s gear, rotations, and limits will give you an advantage over the opposing team and leave them speechless.

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Although Sagittarians are generally considered primary carriers, they are solo carriers is not just limited to master marksmen. Additionally, some of the best solo carries are typically solo laners, who can easily take over the game once they get even a small head start.

Here are the best solo carries for each role:

  • Top row: Irelia, Riven, Gwen, Kayle, Camille and Fiora
  • Jungle: Master Yi, Bel’Veth, Nidalee, Evelyn, Graves, Viego, and Rengar
  • Mid Lane: Yasuo, Yone, Sylas, Vladimir, Viktor, and Azir
  • Bot Lane: Vayne, Kog’Maw, Kai’sa, Jinx, Aphelios, and Zeri
  • Support: Bard, Yummi, Lux, Pyke, Sona, and Senna

Balance between team fights and farming

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In addition to strong damage output and outplay potential, carry champions’ trademarks are heavy gold and level dependency. While it may be tempting to constantly fight for objectives and pressure, farming regularly and expanding your lead is far more important than constant, aimless fighting. So, keeping the edge not only helps you keep that well-deserved edge, it also greatly increases your chances of success.

The seemingly tedious and time-consuming task of farming typically takes up to a minute once you’re full. Although farming is relatively quick, the solo carry, even if it wins, should pay close attention to timers and enemy rotations.

Choose your battles and avoid dying

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Blindly charging into a teamfight while overconfidently ignoring the pings and warning signs from both teammates can certainly cost you a game. So, as a solo carry, your main goals should be quick critical analysis of the battlefront and timely reaction to either punish the enemies or flee without looking back.

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If you die while trying to carry solo, you’re not only giving the opposing team room to breathe and a bounty to recover from, you’re also knowingly closing your window of opportunity to carry the game solo. So before you seize the opportunity to fight, count the enemy forces, consider the value of a target, and calculate your next move.

stay alert

Screenshot via Riot Games

league is packed with audio and visual cues that can prove valuable in-game. Your job as a solo carry is to take in as much information as possible and use it wisely, whether it’s a gank or a simple warehouse heist. Also, map awareness can help you escape certain death, or learn the whereabouts of enemies and pressure a target when they’re late to a rotation.

Additionally, it can always be useful to keep an eye on both summoner spell and ability cooldowns when fighting in a team or ganking a lane.

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