How to soothe the cringe of the season at Jack Astor’s

The holidays are the most magical time of the year. With twinkling lights, decorations, joy in the air and all manner of celebrations, the season is truly full of wonder.

But let’s be honest: from uncomfortable family dinners to the office Parties that are better forgotten, sometimes e.geven the most The wonderful time of year can make us feel like a little guy Path.

Don’t let the season interfere with the holidays (and nights out) you deserve this year – slip out of Grandma’s handknit sweater and into a booth at Jack Astor.

Jack’s is always a great place to spend the holidays, with a festive atmosphere and a wide range of great food and drink to suit all tastes – and it’s the perfect way to escape from some of the more awkward annual commitments.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up three of the most terrifying moments this time of year can bring – and how you can avoid (or recover from) them with a fun night out at Jack’s.

Awkward office Christmas party moments


At some point, many of us have woken up with a headache and half-formed memories of the night before have us panicking. Let’s just say it’s no fun.

But there’s just something about making a fool of yourself at an office party that adds an extra layer of terror. Maybe you’ve flirted a little with a co-worker or danced on a table in front of your boss — and now you’re dreading that Monday morning with all the co-workers.

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The Cure: Spill the tea at Jack’s

Jack Astors

Chances are you’re probably thinking about this too much (thanks, fear of hemp). Nonetheless, situations like this require an indispensable consultation with friends, which is the ideal excuse to meet up and spill the tea. So round up your friends, head over to Jack’s, kick back in a cozy booth and laugh it all away.

Forced family gatherings


We all love spending time with family members that we don’t usually see, but sometimes we do
These big reunions come with just a touch of celebratory drama. Are you being made fun of? being roasted again for being single or for the cooking disasterYou will never let yourself live
down, sometimes the only thing on your wish list is getting out of the hot seat.

The cure: plan a night out with your crew

Jack Astors

After you start working with your family It’s your time to eat, drink and actually be happy. So go Jack is out for a night out with your crew (aka The People You Really Want To Be With) and surround yourself with good vibes and good food you deserve it!

Holiday dinners that just can’t be beat


Christmas potluck coming up? It’s nice when everyone helps with the cooking, but it goes without saying that not every dish can be an all-rounder. With a filling as dry as the desert and mushy Brussels sprouts, sometimes we’d rather just mash up some craving Jack’s favorites.

The cure: save some room for a juicy burger at Jack’s

Jack Astor's Canada

Jack Astors

Next time you’re munching on a tough as hell turkey, feed it to the dog under the table and head to Jack’s instead to try some of their delicious dishes. From juicy burgers to loaded nachos and delicious garlic panbread, there’s something for everyone.

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Click here to find your nearest Jack Astor store and start planning your well-deserved evening now.

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