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How To Spool A Baitcaster Reel With Braid

Now for the most important part of the procedure. The switch to braided fishing line back in the 1990s was a big thing.

Video Why to Spool Fishing Line on Reels with Braid

We all know that good braid like the seaguar i use isn’t cheap.

How to spool a baitcaster reel with braid. The fishing line should go into the baitcaster reel same way as it comes out of the filler spool. A reel born into the bass fishing scene some years ago. So if you’re using a baitcasting reel, remember that it’s not like a spinning reel, and be sure to avoid braid under 20 lbs.

Have any questions about using baitcasting reels for inshore fishing? I like to make use of a combination of both. I'm getting some slippage (as i tied direct, but not through the holes provided on the spool reel).

Use your finger nail to push down on knot making it secure on arbor. Today i will tell you how to a spool a baitcaster reel. A baitcast reel is the hardest reel for a beginner to learn to cast without backlashing.however, beginners will be glad to know that it is much easier to spool line on a baitcaster than on a spinning or spincast reel.

Thumb pressure in order to prevent baitcasting backlash, you need to master all three of these. I’ve tried putting braided line directly on the spool and it did work but i noticed it slipping a little bit. I load a part of the reel spool with monofilament fishing line and after that make a couple of circulate the monofilament with the electric tape.

Fill the spool up to 1/8 inch from the top of spool. However, the overall price of the product stopped many people from upgrading to this superior product with it's. Start spooling line on to the reel by turning the handle.

When tying connecting knots from mono to braid use less wraps on the mono and more on the braid. A loose knot will slip and an overly tight one will break the line. It’s worth the cost, for sure.

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Fill spool until there’s a 1/8th inch gap left at the edge of the spool. The knot decides how sturdy your baitcaster will be. Set up your baitcaster so that it is level with the spool of line that you will be using.

How to spool a baitcaster with braid free course. Pass the line that will be attached to the spool through the level wind, under and then over the spool and tie an arbor knot. So the first thing you want to do when you’re splitting up your bait casting rail is you want to thread your line through every guide of the rod.

Then wrap it around the spool and prepare to knot. How to spool a fishing reel with braid and monofilament line in this post i demonstrate how to spool a fishing reel using braided line with a monofilament backing. Key pointers on how to spool a baitcaster with a braid.

Cinch knot by pulling up and bringing knot right onto spool. While it is not rocket science to string braid onto your reel, it is worth getting some advice on how to do it the first time. I put monofilament or fluorocarbon backing — old line — on my reels before i spool the braid.

The spool should be set up so that it can rotate freely when reeling line onto the reel’s spool. Just any ordinary line will do the job because you’re never going to be using it. Be sure to trim the tag.

You can use a reel spooling station if you do not have friend to hold the line spool. It seemed to work much better when i put a backing on. Like anything else, small mistakes can lead to issues later on when trying to use your reel.

As a basic rule a fishing reel with a complete (or fuller) spool does much better when casting as well as recovering. By doing this you can make sure no line twists or casting problems happen in the future. I’ve had my line dig into the spool and then snap, and unfortunately, i had to replace the entire spool.

Tie line to spool of the baitcasting reel. But if your number one goal is to get your braid right on the baitcaster, you need to keep these important things in mind. Anglers were looking for an ergonomic reel that was light and comfortable for those long days on the water.

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Since the mechanism can be compared to that of a cassette tape where one reel loses tape, the other one fills up. When tying braid on to a new baitcaster. So after you’re done threading the line through all the guides on your nod, now you want to thread it through the line guide of the actual reel.

The advent of braided line has been a boon for many fishing applications, however using braid can make spooling your fishing reel an expensive proposition. This process applies if you’re using monofilament or fluorocarbon to fill your baitcaster. We found a great video on how to spool your braided line onto your baitcaster and have included it below.

Can i tie direct to spool or do i need to use mono first?? Using mono you can wrap mono around spool once or twice before tying knot for extra traction. I like having the spool loaded with.

Use your index and thumb finger to put rigidity on the line. A braid band is a small rubber or plastic ring placed on the spool that is put there to help ensure your braid does not slip on the spool during use. There are a number of steps and techniques to do it correctly.

First, get your equipment ready. Although casting a baitcaster is tougher for most new angler than a spinning reel, it is typically much easier to spool. The very first time i used braid on a baitcaster i tied the line directly to the spool as if i would with mono.

It keeps the braid from slipping and cutting into itself so much and it saves expensive line. Trim off line end from the knot. Certain line types are thicker than others at.

The main consideration when spooling a baitcaster is the line size and type of line you will be adding to the reel. How to spool your baitcaster reel avoid equipment worries on the water this fishing season and spool your baitcasting reel the right way with help from these spooling tips and tricks. Let me know down in the comments.

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Ive been seeing people using the spool holes (on newer baitcasters) and tying just through one of those to lock on the spool. Follow these quick steps to ensure you do it correctly! Enter your email to get instant access!

Before passing the line through the spool, pass it through the reel’s level wind guide. You can do the same thing with a baitcaster or pretty much any other reel. I do this on both my casting and spinning reels.

There are three main ways to slow down spool rotation on a baitcasting reel: How i went from fishing only on the weekend to fishing everyday! First of all, make sure that you understand the most important baitcaster reel parts, and know how to spool a baitcaster correctly (which is.

I learnt this the hard way. While you want to fill a spinning reel spool just shy of the edge of the taper on the spool, you can actually get away with having less line on a baitcaster.

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