How To Stain Butcher Block Desk

The appeal usually stems from the patterns of the wood blocks. Installation was suppose to take place next week.

Stillwater Story How to Stain Butcher Block Countertops

You may have noticed that the shorter side of the desk only has three legs and thought to yourself “that’s definitely going to fall over!”

How to stain butcher block desk. These sturdy tables can take a lot of abuse. I had a thick maple butcher block for 30 years and treated it with only oil or oil/paraffin wax. We got our 8 ft piece of butcher block from lowe’s.

A dust extractor helps tremendously in keeping sawdust from blowing all over your house. I will use the block for a desk in my office and the plan would be to stain and use some oil or wax to finish. The baltic birch butcher block 8.

You need to do it fairly regularly at first but then only about once a month after you’ve gotten through several applications. I did put a salad bowl finish on my cutting block. My main goal was to have a lot of desk space to work on, and this diy butcher block desk definitely fit the bill!

After an exhaustive search, i sourced this rubberwood butcher block from lowe’s and purchased one 8′ two 6′ slabs. Im a software engineer so i use many monitors and would like that something that would not case to much g. Despite my craving for the boos block below in today’s daily find, i’ve been a lifetime buyer of ikea butcher blocks (so far), which need even more love and care to keep them from looking really dry, dirty and grey after a few years.

See more ideas about desk, diy desk, pipe furniture. To seal butcher block with mineral oil, you simply apply the mineral oil generously, let it soak in, and wipe off the excess. Home depot also sells a butcher block heat treated that supposedly makes the wood harder?

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The design was built on the brown/gray tones of the black walnut. So for more » The desk leg was then screwed into the wall (through the stud along the floor).

Gel stain designed specifically for butcher block. The vendor has a maple butcher block that he says i could stain to get the same results. Visited many lumber warehouses but it still costed more than i.

I almost picked birch b/c it was the most available. I did not want to spend so much on it so my husband and i came up with a plan. Im currently in the process of building a birch butcher block desk and was wondering what finish you would suggest to bring out the beauty of the wood and a durable coat for daily use.

The stain application can be challenging. They sell 6 ft and 4 ft pieces as well, but 8 ft is exactly what we needed, so we didn’t have to make any cuts at all. Having a builder built computer desk was great but the plastic top never sat right with me.

Edge grain and face grain tops will show the cut across the grain as damage. Sand the wood before staining, then select a wood stain and apply at least 2 coats. If you’re fine with the natural maple butcher block color then no need to stain it.

Depending on your needs or available space, we have the best butcher block diy desk options for your workspace. You attach your sander to the dust extractor. This was the lightest and most uniform wood i could find, at the best price point (the photo online shows the color after it has been oiled, but the.

I originally ordered a black walnut butcher block for his kitchen three weeks ago,only to be told today that it is on back order til july. I would love to gather some feedback. If you’re starting with a new butcher block counter, skip to step 2.

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However, you can change the look of a butcher block table by applying paint or stain. Polyurethane for butcher block countertops. Then i bought a cherry end grain block to be integrated into an island.

The first step is to choose the type of stain you want for your butcher block. True butcher block is end grain wood, as it will self heal when cut with a knife. Just a fyi, most prefab counters sold as butcher block are not in fact butcher block, but more accurately called a wood work top.

If you’re refinishing butcher block counters, use an orbital sander and 100 grit sandpaper to sand the entire surface down to bare wood. T butcher block island countertop in brown wood oil stain acacia solid hardwood countertops are durable acacia solid hardwood countertops are durable with a density comparable to teak and are built with short butcher block slats for a rustic look. Also stain your butcher block if you’ve had your counters for several years and the current finish is looking worn or faded.

Butcher block isn’t just for your kitchen countertop! It’s finally time to start putting it all together! Gel stains are very thick and provide a striking color when cured.

Butcher block table tops affect the overall appeal of a kitchen. Then it was time to cut some butcher block! A stain changes the color of the wood but does not protect the wood.

Sealing butcher block countertops with mineral oil. It is a long desk top (96 inches) and ikea did not have the right size for us so we had no choice but make it. Or start from scratch and customize your own more modern design for your office area.

Polyurethane is a liquid coating that dries into a plastic film and is excellent for sealing the countertop, but then there’s a layer of plastic between you and your pretty new wood. I was worried about going with a block that wasn't maple because maple's high density is ideal for block. The first big trick with butcher blocks is to oil them immediately to seal and protect the wood, but often nothing happens after that.

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***find an update on sealing butcher block here, after i lived with it for four years*** while the actual title of this post is “how to stain and seal butcher block counters,” an alternate title could be “how not to stain and seal butcher block counters.” because i definitely, definitely did both. See more ideas about kitchen remodel, new kitchen, kitchen design. A finish protects the wood and in some cases may slightly affect the color, but it’s not like the stain where you can basically choose any color on the rainbow.

Pricing butcher blocks was kind of overwhelming.

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