How to stream The Weather Channel without cable

Today there are a million ways to get information about the weather. For one, Windows. computers for others. But for a lot of people, it’s still all about The Weather Channel — the ubiquitous channel that’s appropriately all about The Weather.

And that’s truer than ever when storms hit, whether it’s Hurricane Ian in the Gulf of Mexico, a snowstorm in the Northeast, or lightning-triggered fires in the West.

But for those who no longer have cable TV, The Weather Channel can be surprisingly difficult to watch. However, we’ll do the work for you and show you how to stream The Weather Channel online.

The weather channel on YouTube TV.

How to stream The Weather Channel

If you’re no longer a cable subscriber and want to stream The Weather Channel through one of the US’s traditional streaming services (also known as MVPDs for multi-channel video programming distributors), you’ll find that you have surprisingly few options.

This is the bad news. The good news is that The Weather Channel is available on the most popular streaming service, YouTube TV. That means more than 5 million accounts can already stream The Weather Channel as part of the only YouTube TV streaming plan (which costs $65 a month as of this writing).

The next largest streaming service that also lets you stream The Weather Channel is FuboTV, which has just under 1 million subscribers as of late. The weather channel is included there in its basic “Pro” plan, which costs $70 per month for 139 channels. Also available is The Weather Channel en Español.

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It’s worth noting that YouTube TV and Fubo TV are also the only streaming services to offer any sort of 4K option, although it’s mostly limited to live sports (or, in YouTube TV’s case, a fair bit of on-demand too -Content). .

And finally, you can stream The Weather Channel on DirecTV Stream. But you won’t find it in the cheapest plan. Instead, you’ll need to start with at least the “Choice” plan, which gets you 105 channels for $70 a month.

The Weather Channel on Roku.

The Weather Channel TV app

If for some reason streaming The Weather Channel isn’t your thing, there’s another option. The Weather Channel TV App is… a special app that lets you watch The Weather Channel on your TV. It’s not quite the same as the live linear channel, but it’s better than nothing. With it you get weather alerts and updates, local forecasts, radar, maps and on-demand shows.

And it’s available almost everywhere such apps can be found, including Roku and Amazon Fire TV, which takes care of the two biggest streaming platforms. You can also find it on Android TV, Apple TV, on Samsung Smart TVs and on Xfinity Flex.

The Weather Channel TV app costs $3 per month or $30 per year. And as an added bonus, if you already get The Weather Channel through other means — whether it’s cable TV or any of the streaming services listed above — you can sign up for The Weather Channel TV app and get all of those, too.

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