How to survive Cerberus in GTA Online’s Halloween event

GTA Online players must watch out for the Cerberus Surprise random event, which is primarily based on the 1971 film duel. Currently you need to watch out for the MTL apocalypse Cerberus. The Fuel Tanker may appear randomly in-game when you deliver Exotic Exports vehicles. Once it does, it will hunt you to the ends of the earth.

GTA Online introduced this brand new event just this week. It takes after similar Halloween modes to last year’s Phantom Car.

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Here’s what you need to know to survive GTA Online’s Cerberus Surprise event

How the event works

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To trigger the event, you must first move freely. You cannot stay in an indoor building. You also can’t drive around in a special vehicle like the Oppressor Mk II and have to get around on foot or in a regular car.

Second, 16 minutes must elapse after joining a session in GTA Online and there must be at least two people in a public or private lobby. Otherwise, the Cerberus will not appear for the random event.

Finally, you need to run the Auto Shop so you can steal Exotic Exports and get a full list of vehicles to drop off at the docks. Of course, this becomes more difficult when Cerberus is after you. It doesn’t stop ramming you until the car is destroyed or you deliver it.

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12 possible locations for Cerberus

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GTA Series Videos has a really useful guide on this Halloween event. The Cerberus has 12 different spawn points depending on where you are currently stationed.

Keep in mind that Exotic Exports have 100 possible spawns, but they’re all found near the Cerberus. Here’s a full list of places where you can expect it to appear:

  • Los Santos International Airport
  • El Burro Heights
  • mirror park
  • strawberry
  • Pillbox Hill
  • Vespucci canals
  • harmony
  • Great Senora Desert
  • grape seed
  • Paleto Bay

The Grand Senora Desert has two possible locations for the Cerberus to spawn, so keep that in mind.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Los Santos or Blaine County; This tanker will chase you. GTA Online will still pay you at least $20,000 for each vehicle delivered, regardless of its condition. You’ll also get 5,000 reputation points and 50 Car Meet Rep for all your troubles. The Cerberus is extremely powerful and will knock you out of the game.

Here’s what players should do

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When GTA Online Cerberus spawns, it won’t move until you get into the desired vehicle. It also remains indestructible until you proceed with the exotic exports. However, it can be defeated with the right amount of firepower.

What you can do is carry some explosive weapons like grenades or a rocket launcher. It takes about four to five hits for the Cerberus to crash. You should probably throw grenades behind you while driving in case you don’t feel safe walking.

Alternatively, you can avoid the Cerberus altogether if you’re playing in a solo lobby, but that’s no fun in GTA Online.

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