How To Take Apart A Pool Table

Visit the post for more. When it comes to pool equipment, one of the most iconic companies in the industry has got to be brunswick.

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The proper way to move a pool table is take it apart.

How to take apart a pool table. In order to move a pool table, you will have to remove the legs at the very least. Table of contents [ show] things required for the disassembling of the pool table: All of the components are heavy.

Pool table movers miami solo expert repair old fischer pool table info how to disassemble a pool table 11 steps with pictures sold fisher pool table return ball 52 x 92 3 4 nex tech classifieds old fischer pool table info Slate must be removed with utmost care. Pull out the staples from around the edges of the wood frame holding the felt around the table.

If your not saving the table, all the better to take apart, because you will not have to worry about damaging the parts. Here’s how to move a pool table in a nutshell: Just like any other equipment in the house, a pool table needs to be handled with care when disassembling it.

In fact, they have already more than established the quality and sheer durability of their products. Once you have gathered the perfect people for this job you will need to disassemble the pool table as we talked about. Once you take it off the dollies, the pool table will be very difficult.

With a staple remover or a flat head screwdriver, lie on your back under the table and remove all the staples that hold the pockets in place. Plus, disassembling and reassembling a pool table for the first time may lead to damaging it in ways you. Taking it apart makes it easier to transport, with a lower risk of personal injury or damage to your property.

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Lift each rail and flip it over to take off the pockets. There are six pockets and six rails to be removed. Get help lifting each rail, being careful not to mar the finished surface.

Tearing down your pool table. Let’s take a look at the drawbacks of moving it yourself. Due to its size and weight, it’s imperative for you to disassemble your slate pool table before moving it.

Pull apart the rails and lift off one at a time from each side of the table. You’re going to need the following tools and moving equipment in the process of taking apart, moving and setting up a pool table: Remember all the pool table parts are very heavy.

While owning a slate pool table means endless hours of entertainment, it also means dealing with a massive hassle when you decide to move. Due to its enormous size and weight, it is not easy to move the pool table around, and thus it should be dismantled. Unload the pool table from the dollies.

So here are some things that you need to know about how to move a pool table before you start taking your pool table apart: The pool table pros provide pool table dismantling services in san francisco bay area and northern california. Despite its size and weight, a pool table can be disassembled and moved with relative ease if the adequate steps are taken.

Remove staples from underneath pockets:. Take the pool (or billiards) table apart; Retain the bolts in a plastic bag so you can keep all the hardware components of the pool table together.

However, if you've never assembled a pool table, you might be very disappointed with the results once you get it together. The rails and pockets will come apart in 12 pieces. To move a pool table easily you should ask for a help to three or four friends.

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Felt is removed without damaging it. Before heaving the pool table off the dollies, make sure that you have it at the right spot. Disassemble valley pool table you how to disassemble a pool table 11 steps with pictures removing pool table slate you how to move a pool table by yourself complete step guide share this:

It’s a pretty large undertaking, but pool tables do come apart. With 170 years of history, the company has truly set a standard when it comes to pool tables. The frame comes in the last.

If your table is too large to take corners, you’ll also need to remove the rail bolts, rails, pockets and slate top. The three pieces of slate. Then, remove the rail bolts underneath each rail using a socket wrench, and lift the rails off of the table.

To disassemble a standard slate pool table, start by detaching the pockets by removing the screws or staples holding them in place. Videos on youtube and information found online might show you how to take the table apart and move it piece by piece. Get the right tools for this job.

Taking a pool table apart and moving it yourself isn’t something that we recommend, even though it is less expensive. To take a pool table apart, you should be able to take the rails off, take the top off ( the slate ) and remove the legs. Pool table retailers, such as dallas pool table in carrollton, texas, highly recommend that professionals be hired to disassemble and move a table.

Visit the post for more. And if you need any help when it comes to how to disassemble and reassemble a pool table—especially if you don’t think you’re up to the task of doing it yourself—bring on a professional for the job. Lift the rails and the pockets off the table top after the bolts have been removed.

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Take your time when reassembling your pool table so that it’s all done correctly—you’ll probably need about two to three hours. Once your pool table has moved to the new spot where it is to be installed, you will be faced with the job of unloading it from the dollies. Disassemble a pool table in 5 steps uship guides how to disassemble a pool table 11 steps with pictures how to dismantle a pool table doityourself com how to disassemble a pool table 11 steps with pictures pool tables billiard dufferin table assembly instructions 1

Click to share on twitter (opens in new window) Wear protective eye wear, as these staples can easily fall into your eyes. Listed below are five easy steps to taking apart a pool table prior to a move:

You will need to get staple puller, goggles and some flat head screwdriver. Use goggles to avoid any damages.

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