How to Teleport in Minecraft

Minecraft is a blocky game with a huge open world (60 million blocks) and while it looks difficult to visit the world frontier, many Minecrafters have already achieved it. Either by walking patiently, using transportation, animals, or even cheating with the teleport mechanic.

In this article we will show you how to teleport in different ways in Minecraft!

What is teleportation in Minecraft?

To understand teleport, you need to know the coordinates of minecraft. They are a series of Z, Y, and Z numbers that represent a specific location in the Minecraft world. For example, let’s say you just create a new world and spawn at coordinates 0 70 0. That’s the first block on the X and Z axes, and the 70th block on the Y axis.

Depending on where you’re looking, you’ll see your X (or Z) coordinate increase as you run forward. If you walk backwards, the coordinate will decrease. And they can have negative values ​​like -777.

So Teleport is considered to appear immediately (or very quickly) in a different coordinate. You can dig a really deep hole and jump in to fall all the way from the sky to the deep layers of shale. But that’s not teleporting because it can take a second or more. We call this “fast travel,” but many people might call it teleportation.

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How to teleport in Minecraft

There are 4 ways to teleport in Minecraft including using Ender Pearl, using commands, using command blocks or using Minecraft mods. Let’s take a look at them!

#1 Teleportation with Ender Pearl

You can obtain Ender Pearls by killing the Enderman, looting chests in Fortress buildings, trading with the clerical villagers, or haggling with the Piglins. FYI, most Minecraft speedrunners trade with the Piglins for Enderpearls.

When you have the Ender Pearl, place it in your Hot Bar and choose that slot. Then face the direction you want to teleport and right-click. This action will throw the enderpearl away and you will be teleported to where it lands. So remember to aim higher than usual (like shooting a bow) to get a longer teleport distance.

#2 Teleporting with Minecraft commands

Commands are a powerful tool in Minecraft that lets you do literally anything. But in this article we will focus on the teleport command.

To use commands in Minecraft, make sure you had access to Creative Mode when you first created the world. Or you can open your single world to LAN and enable cheat mode. When you’re done, press T or Enter to open the chat and start typing the following commands:

  • /tp 150 70 150 – This will teleport you to that specific coordinate.
  • /tp first player name second player name – This will teleport the first player to the second player’s location.
  • /tp @a @s – This will teleport all players in the world to the player running this command, or you in this case.
  • /tp 150 ~ 150 – Teleport to the 150th block on the X and Z axis and keep the Y axis.
  • /tp 777 ~15 777 – Teleport to the 777th block on the X and Z axes, but with a Y 15 blocks higher than your current Y axis.
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Above are just a few examples. You can use /teleport Instead of /tp.

There are many commands and parameters for teleportation in Minecraft. In addition to direct numbers and the “~” sign, there are 5 main parameters to use below:

  • @p – Aim at the closest player
  • @r – Target a random player
  • @a – Target all players
  • @e – Target all entities
  • @s – Target whoever is running the command (you, other admin players, or even the game system).

#3 Teleport with command blocks

Just like teleporting with commands, this method requires a command block to work. Instead of typing the command into the chat box itself, you have to type the command into the command block UI and that’s it!

Then you need to activate or execute the command block with any redstone signals like a button press, pressure plate, redstone torch or redstone dust with a button… you get the idea. All commands in the block should work normally, except for the @s parameter, as it targets the command block and its location instead.

#4 Teleporting with Minecraft mods

There are many great minecraft teleport mods that will help you quickly teleport to your desired location. Some of them are super famous like Waystones mod, Telepad mod or Portal Gun mod.

And that’s all 4 ways to teleport in Minecraft! The first method is vanilla-friendly and requires no cheating, so you can try it guilt-free. While the other three might need access to creative mode or installing new mods, which isn’t vanilla friendly. So that’s up to you! And happy teleporting!

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frequently asked Questions

How to teleport to another dimension in Minecraft?

To teleport to another dimension (the Nether to the End) in Minecraft, you can use the following command using methods 2 or 3 above.

/execute in minecraft:the_nether start teleport ~ ~ ~

Please note that you can change the_nether to the_end and ~~~ to any other coordinates. It is best to use 0 80 0 instead of ~~~.

How to teleport back to your house in Minecraft?

If you’ve played on a Minecraft server before, you know there is one /the back Command that takes you back to your previous location. But that’s not the case in single player. To teleport to your house in Minecraft single player, you need to remember the coordinates of your house and use those /tp Command.


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