How To Tell If Ray Bans Are Real

Before making a buy, always enquire about the packaging details of the product. There have been made many sunglasses from many companies across the globe.

RayBan Sunglasses Authentic Perfect condition

If p is missing be cautious, your sunglasses are either not polarized, or authentic.

How to tell if ray bans are real. The print quality should be flawless on quality paper with no spelling errors or typos. Branded designer shades come with certificate of authenticity and original casing. I would buy them from a reputable store like the one i mentioned and wait for them to go on sale.

There should be a gold logo engraved, unpainted, in the case that says luxottica. They are all ray ban wayfarer 2140's. Take your glasses off and look at them from the front.

If owning the real thing matters to you, fakes or imitators will not cut it. If it is smooth and there is no logo on the button it's fake also if inside of case is red. How to identify fake ray ban wayfarers a guide to differentiating between genuine wayfarers and fakes/replicas.

Give the lenses a few gentle flicks with your fingernail. I've seen lots of fake ray bans selling on ebay for up to $100.00 plus shipping. How to tell if polarized ray bans are real and ray ban 3445 polarized gunmetal reviews :

Inside each nose pad, you’ll find the inscription of rb. Check for unique packaging and authentications: Fake ray ban sunglasses outlet.

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Its price range is strategically right in the middle for people to afford. 6 ways to tell if ray bans are fake ray bans are the perfect shades to help you rock your outfit by adding a cool vibe to your appearance. If this is missing, they are almost guaranteed to be fake.

Real original wayfarers also have the model number (rb2140 for original wayfarers) as well as information relating to the model description and size on the inside of the left temple. This guide uses 3 pairs of ray bans, 2 fakes bought on ebay, and 1 genuine pair. Get cheap at best online store now!!how to tell if polarized ray bans are real and ray ban 3445 polarized gunmetal by how to tell if polarized ray bans are real and ray ban 3445.

Unfortunately, many replicas are being passed off as authentic sunglasses by unauthorized dealers and vendors, with the majority being sold on the internet. There should be a gold logo engraved, unpainted, in the case that says luxottica. It will be followed by the width of the glasses’ lens and the length of the carved bridge in millimeters, right on the inner side.

Any signs of glue under the sticker may indicate fake. If the hinges seem stiff, the build flimsy, and the screws loose, chances are you’ve got a fake on your hands. There are easy ways to tell fakes from real.

You finding where to buy how to tell if polarized ray bans are real and ray ban 3445 polarized gunmetal for cheap best price. Another good way to tell is to run your finger along the edges of the frame and feel for seams. Look at the case, box, and the glasses.

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The case should have a texture and the ray ban logo on the snap button. There are different cases for different designs, but most look and feel like a tan or black leather. On the right lens inside the middle of the lens, you’ll find the inscription rb and its not that visible but go ahead and take a look.

Fakes are often missing this (see the image below).

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