How to Train Your Brain and Reach the Highest Levels of Success

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A common misconception is that we are not reaching our maximum potential because we only use 10% of our brain. This statistic is often repeated, but that doesn’t make it true. In fact, functional magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, shows that most of our brains are in use even when performing very simple tasks. The truth is that reaching our highest potential and joining the ranks of the ultra-achievers has a lot more to do with it how we use our brain rather than how much of our brain we use.

So many people never learn to use their brains to unleash their full potential. Instead of focusing on what matters most in the moment, they unknowingly turn their attention to activities that hinder rather than enhance their business performance.

Fortunately, you can change this natural tendency. Training your brain to succeed doesn’t have to be difficult. The key is figuring out how to improve your mental energy for the task at hand.

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Eliminate unhealthy internal monologues

When it comes to unleashing your brain’s full capacity, unhealthy inner monologues are your number one enemy. Technically, you can call them dialogues. You are actually talking to someone: yourself.

During these unhealthy dialogues, we tell ourselves that we cannot do something, even if or when we have no evidence to support that position. We belittle ourselves, our abilities, our relationships, or the people around us. You are probably not even aware of the vast majority of these conversations. To many, they sound like a constant buzzing in the background of your brain.

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During important interviews or crucial negotiations, your mind brings to the surface memories of insecurities, past injustices, personal losses, and mistakes. All the while, it makes you smile, look relaxed, portray confidence, and avoid future mistakes. All these efforts consume valuable mental energy.

If you could end the conflict caused by this internal noise, you could devote the extra energy and thinking capacity to decision-making and strategic thinking, giving you a higher probability of success. Everything would be easier. Elite entrepreneurs achieve unprecedented success by unleashing and tapping into this abundant energy.

Imagine a successful entrepreneur boarding an elevator that will take him to an important business meeting. Years of strategic work and planning culminated in the unique opportunity for him to stand in this special room, surrounded by these special people. But instead of being excited, he’s desperate. His mind is racing, but not with thoughts that will help him. The stress of the moment leaves him overwhelmed, anxious, and anxious. How much greater would his chances of success be if he focused on calming, soothing, and empowering thoughts, rather than “what if” and worst-case scenarios?

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Learning to unleash the full capacity of your brain

I want you to start thinking differently about what it takes to be successful. Instead of allowing your mind to work against you with unwarranted thoughts and self-criticism, learn to use its full capacity in any task. By limiting or eliminating harmful thought processes, you free up the mental resources you need and empower you to be more successful without the extra effort.

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Think of your brain as a computer. When your laptop starts to slow down and the little colored wheel starts spinning, stop typing harder on the keyboard; Instead, focus on fixing the computer’s problem. The computer may be stuck because it is storing too much information, running too many programs, fighting a virus, or dealing with a corrupted file. Whatever the case, years of experience have taught you that sluggish computer performance is wasting your time if you don’t respond to the malfunction. To keep things running optimally, most people need expert help who can learn how to swap out unnecessary files, delete corrupted ones, shut down unnecessary programs, troubleshoot problems, and get rid of problematic viruses or malware.

How does this affect the potential of your brain? You must minimize the thoughts and emotions working against your mind to optimize its performance. When you use the full capacity of your brain, you become faster, sharper and smarter.

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As a manager, you complete a large number of tasks every day that require a high level of computing power. They develop strategies to increase performance, innovate products and processes, motivate teams to overcome challenges, and attract companies and talent. If your brain isn’t able to function optimally in these tasks, it stands to reason that your success is limited. To rise to the highest levels in the business sector, you must first understand that the strongest ROI is achieved by investing in improving your mind. This investment offers benefits in the business arena and also leads to a more fulfilling life and improved relationships.

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As a leader, you are confronted with technologies, market rules and even workplace cultures that are constantly evolving. Still, the biggest challenges will always be in your own mind. If you strive to excel in life by unleashing your potential, make a commitment to take care of your brain health and do whatever it takes to improve its functionality.

When unleashing your brain becomes your priority, you will achieve increased mental clarity, heightened creativity, and advanced problem-solving skills. You multiply your potential, seize opportunities and avoid leaving money on the table. If your goal is greater business success, prioritize your most important asset: your brain.

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