How to Turn Off Amazon Order Notifications From Alexa

Nothing could be more disappointing than your favorite voice assistant innocently ruining your surprise for a loved one’s birthday or Christmas present.

To stop Amazon Alexa, you can easily turn off order notifications. We show you how to disable Alexa order notifications in the Alexa app and on the Amazon website.

Disable order notifications in the Alexa app

Order notifications are visible on your Echo as a yellow light ring. You can hear the notification by saying, “Alexa, what’s my notification?”. Seen rings of light of different colors and confused by their meaning? Read our article on what the light ring colors mean on your Echo.

If you want to turn off order notifications from Alexa, the easiest way to do this is in the Alexa app (available for iOS and Android). First, open the Alexa app and tap Morethen settings. Choose notifications and then Amazon shopping. Here you can customize your notification settings as you wish.

If you don’t mind Alexa giving you notifications but don’t want other household members to know what you’ve ordered or returned, see below Say or display titles of objectsturn off For items in delivery updates and For articles in return updates. You can also disable titles here only for items marked as gifts, which might be a good idea around the holiday season.

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To turn off notifications completely, scroll down to Delivery Notifications and turn off out for delivery and delivered. You will also want to turn off Returns and Order Updates directly below this section.

If you want, you can also switch off Deal Recommendations and Reorder recommendations below, which will prevent Alexa from suggesting items for you to purchase. Finally, tap back arrow to save your settings.

If you want to know how to use Alexa for shopping, check out our article on setting up and using Alexa Voice Shopping.

Disable order notifications on the Amazon website

If you don’t have access to the Alexa app, you can use the Alexa web app and follow the instructions above to turn off Alexa order notifications. However, you can also use the Amazon website if you prefer.

Sign in with your Amazon account first, then hover over it Account & Lists in the top right corner and select your account. Under E-mail alerts, messages, ads and cookiesSelect Alexa shopping notifications. Here you will see the same options as above.

Under Say or display titles of objectsswitch off switches Next For items in delivery updates, For articles in return updatesand Items in your shopping cart are marketed as gifts.

Then turn them all off Switch under Delivery Notifications, Returnsand Order Updates. You can also switch off Deal Recommendations and Reorder recommendations if you want.

When you’re done, scroll up and press your account or the Amazon logo top left to save your selection.

Stay in control of your Alexa notifications

The Amazon Echo is an incredible device that can make everyday life, including shopping, easier. But when you’re innocently trying to make your life easier, Alexa’s notifications can have unintended consequences.

Be sure to turn off these notifications the next time you order a gift from Amazon.

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