How to Unclog a Weed Vape

Vape pens filled with cannabis are a story of innovation. As well as Indoor growing has changed everything for the way weed is grown, Technology has given us a new discreet, and potent way to consume it-a kind of digital advance.

In many states where legal cannabis is legal, you can buy it Ready-to-use pens filled with concentrates or pre-loaded cartridges to attach to your own battery. Vape pens can satisfy almost any cannabis user—out of Live resin vapes with flower-like flavors and quality; To Stripped down, THC-focused pens packed with candy flavors—but only when they are work.

Because there are compromises to the general Convenience of vape cartridges and pens: dead batteries, clogged mouthpieces and split formulas are all part of it occasional speed bumps on the road too sneak a train pretty much anywhere you want. The joys of portable, discreet cannabis there are many, but sometimes you need to Troubleshooting a non-cooperative device. Here’s how to do it.

Why vaping devices get clogged in the first place

Steamers are a pretty new innovationand at this point the process of feeding cannabis oil to a headsource creates some challenges for devices like disposable carts to master.

We asked Tanner Terry, pproduct wangst at Timeless Vapes to shed some light on the mechanics and why vapes clog so often. “[Clogging] happens because the coil stays warm after smoking, which further melts and pulls the distillate into the coil and airway,” he noted. “OAs soon as distillate is in the airway of the cartridge, it cools down…and it’s going to be tough.”

A primary defense against Constipation is a final ghost hit while the pen is still warm up from your lastwithout pressing the buttonto ensure there is no residual gloop sucked out before it has a chance harden.

While this is a generally reliable method, it does exist a few caveats to note. For one it is not possible with buttonless vape models that only heat up when inhaling unless you quickly disconnect the carriage from the battery, which is not possible even with fully built disposable models where the parts are permanently connected.

thThe vaping technology of the future may fix these problems, but until then, if the ghost hit method doesn’t work, You must be a little more creative.

The easiest way to unclog a vape cartridge or pen

Still constipated? Terry suggested another low fi method too Promotion of a plugged-in cart open high: “Take the cartridge between your hands and roll it to generate heat and friction so that it eventually works its way to the airway and is free to pull the mouthpiece,” he said.

Other faster methods of application gentle heat is also possible, i.e. ggrab a hair dryer put it on low and aim at the cartridge until the clog clears. OR, as a savvy Redditor suggestedseal it put in a bread bag and submerge in very warm water for a few minutes. With a toothpick or other thin object (maybe a SIM card key) to smosch around in opening of the mouthpiece is another proven technique, but it doesn’t always do the trick.

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Button batteries give you additional clogging protection—With a button design, maybe you can hold it down for a few moments, like The higher heat will sometimes unclog a clog and allow you to clear it with your next hit.

Still constipated? Here are other strategies to try.

If your vape is Really clogged

If the above clog removal tips don’t work, give them a try connect your cartridge to another, fully charged batterySometimes the threads don’t quite match, or one model works better with one cartridge over another.

If that fails, sSome shops will be closedgged cartridge as a return, depending on state regulations, or you can contact the brand directly. unfortunately, No matter what you try, there will be times when you end up with a nearly full and completely uncooperative cart. Here you need to take drastic measures: Remove the top and scoop out the remaining concentrate.

You can weigh, decarb and cook with this gloop, or try smearing it on rolling papers or topping bowls and joints with it. If the pen’s contents are high quality enough, grab a dab in another piece of hardware like an e-nail or micro pen. (Do you really want to pinch every penny? You can do this with the dregs of also almost empty wagons.)

Switch to micro-dabbing

For some frustrated stoners, Repeated clogging becomes really annoying and causes them to come back in the pre-cartridge period Method of using a micro pen self-loaded dabbing Concentrates, like a vape pen on demand – devices like GPens micro + offer better Temperature control and a design that keeps the unit significantly cleaner than models from a decade ago.

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